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Food Donations

Food Donations

Here are some guidelines for the number of hours earned for homemade food items:


  • 1 hour per dozen of something (brownies, cupcakes, cookies, individually wrapped treats, etc.)
  • 2 hours for a cake or pie.
  • 3 hours for a large crockpot of something (soup, meat, etc.)
  • 2 hours for a 9x13 pan size of food (casseroles, cakes, desserts, etc) Larger pans can get more hours.
  • 2 hours for large platters (fruit, meat/cheese, etc.) 
  • 1 hour for homemade dips accompanied with bags of chips or bread.

If you are bringing in items using non-disposable dishware, please make sure your student’s name, or your own name, is on the item so we can get it back to the right home!


**Spots with store bought items will receive 1 hour of volunteer time per spot

for pick up and delivery of items.**


All Volunteers are responsible for logging their own hours on either of the volunteer tablets located at the Front Desks of the Elementary and Secondary campuses. When you drop an item off take the time to stop and put in your time. We will verify the hours after each event to make sure all hours are logged accurately.

Side Note: 

The Belmont Staff love it when our families bring us treats! You can receive volunteer hours for anything brought in outside of an event or party, too. If you choose to do that please give us a heads up! This includes any homemade goods you bring in for your student's classroom-please check with your student’s teacher first though!