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Classroom Volunteer

Volunteering in the Classroom

ALL classroom volunteers must have Level 2 clearance before starting

and volunteers must be scheduled with the teachers beforehand. 


*Please email [email protected] to check your status and/or begin the application and approval process. Once submitted, please allow 14 business days for background check results. The school's policy regarding background checks and approval is located here


Help classroom teachers with:​​​

  • Filing papers into student mailboxes/folders/teacher filing cabinet. (Every classroom is different)
  • Making copies and/or putting packets together.
  • Organize any spaces that have been used by kids and were not properly put away.
  • Pull the next week’s homework and classwork pages from the workbooks depending on the teacher’s needs.
  • Help tutor students
  • Transition students from specials/recess/lunch
  • Cleaning any surfaces that appear dirty or need disinfecting with Clorox wipes or other appropriate cleaner.
  • Any other tasks the teacher may ask your help with!

Please remember the importance of confidentiality as a classroom volunteer!



*Please do not bring younger children, whether Belmont students or not.