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Classroom Volunteer

Volunteering in the Classroom

Please contact volunteer@belmontacademy.com  if you are interested in helping in a room this year.

  • Help classroom teachers with:

    • File any papers into student mailboxes/folders/teacher filing cabinet. (Every classroom is different)

    • Clean any surfaces that appear dirty or need disinfecting with Clorox wipes or cleaner.

    • Spot clean the carpet if there are any spills from snack time. (Soak up spills, wipe spot with water or even a Clorox wipe)

    • Organize any spaces that have been used by kids and were not properly put away.

    • Pull the next week’s homework and classwork pages from the workbooks depending on the teacher’s needs.

    • Rehang any posters that fell during the night.

    • Wash the white board (with Expo spray or water and paper towels)

    • Help tutor students

    • Monitor the classroom behind the scenes (quietly correct students)

    • Transition students from specials/recess/lunch

    • When students are in your care, pull clips, if needed

  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.

  • 1/2 Day and Full Day positions available

  • Level 2 clearance required.  See the front desk for details.