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2014-2015 FHSAA Bylaws Pertaining to Charter Schools Charter School Student. A student who attends a charter school that does not sponsor an interscholastic athletic program in one or more sports may participate in the sport or sports not sponsored by the charter school at either of the following schools: (s. 1006.15(3)(d), Florida Statutes)
(a) The public school the student would be assigned according to district school board attendance area policies; or
(b) A public school, operated by the school district, the student could choose to attend according to the controlled open enrollment provisions of the school district and provided the deadlines established in the provisions are met by the student. Charter School Student Requirements. To participate in interscholastic athletics, a charter school student must: (s. 1006.15(3)(d)1-7, Florida Statutes)
(a) meet the requirements of the charter school education program as determined by the charter school governing board; and
(b) meet the minimum grade point average standards that are required of all students; and
(c) meet the same residency requirements as other students in the school at which he/she participates; and
(d) meet the same standards of acceptance, behavior and performance that are required of other students in interscholastic athletics; and
(e) register with the school his/her intent to participate in interscholastic athletics as a representative of the school before the beginning date of the season for the sport in which he/she wishes to participate; and
(f) meet all other FHSAA eligibility requirements (no form is required).