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Mission Statement 

Our Mission Statement is written on the walls of our front entrance when you walk through our front doors, so that all who enter may know Belmont Academy’s  educational goal: 

Excellence for all students, through visionary leadership, empowered teachers, and involved parents.” 


Vision Statement 

“Belmont Academy’s high academic and social expectations will bring success for every student through continued persistence.” 

We believe that the pathway for a Belmont student’s future is best expressed in three simple words – Expect, Persist, Succeed. A student at Belmont Academy can expect high standards for both academics and behavior. A student at Belmont will learn how to persist in reaching these high standards, and will be given the tools and instruction necessary to succeed. A student at Belmont will succeed in today’s society because of the expectations and the persistence he discovered at Belmont Academy.                        

We believe a ‘child prepared’ is the test for a successful school. That is why our express purpose here at Belmont Academy is to prepare every enrolled student with both the academic and social skills needed to become a fully functional member of our present-day society.