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Florida Department of Education Charter School FAQ Here​​​​​​​

Q. How does enrollment at Belmont Academy work?
A. The Admission and Registration Policy explains the process in detail and it is located here.
Q. How can I learn more about Belmont Academy specifically and how it operates?
A. Of course you may contact the school's principal directly but if you review the Important Documents page on the web site you will find useful documents such as the the Belmont Parent and Student Enrollment Agreement, the Belmont Student and Parent Handbook, the Code of Student Conduct as well as the Student Progression Plan along with much more that you should find useful.
Q. Can I provide suggestions or feedback to the school through the website?
A. Yes, click on the "Your Input is Valuable" button on our homepage and follow the prompts. The input form is here.​​​​​​​