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You may order your school uniforms from the vendor listed below:

Teeko Graphics  
Online ordering:  Click here 
Address: 2018 SW Main Blvd. Lake City, FL  32025
Phone:  386-754-5600  
Letter to Parents- Uniforms
Dear Parents:

Please be aware of what your children are wearing before they head out of your home,
and into our school. These rules of dress code conduct are meant to keep our school,
classrooms, and more importantly, our children looking and acting the best possible.
Studies show that children in uniforms are less likely to be competitive about clothing,
thus taking the focus off of what they wear and putting it more into the learning process.
Here at Belmont we are committed to making sure that our children get the best possible education!



The principal or designee has the authority to decide if clothing complies with Board policy. If the principal determines that a student’s clothing does not comply with Board policy, a parent/guardian may be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes to school, or the student may be asked to leave an after-school activity. The student may also receive a disciplinary consequence for violating the school’s dress code policy. Repeated violations may result in progressively more serious consequences at the Principal’s discretion.

A decision made by the principal may be appealed through the procedures permitted within the Code of Student Conduct.