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Welcome to the Belmont Academy website. We are excited to offer each prospective student and their families a truly unique experience. You will find that we believe strongly in going beyond the basic mechanics of learning. We believe in fully developing both the intellectual and social skills of each individual child. We are the answer for parents who have high expectations for their children and for the school they attend. The common goal of our administration, staff and parents is to prepare our children to function at the optimal level in our global society.  Our excitement is renewed daily as we help hundreds of students along the journey to achieve their fullest potential.

Our students are challenged to work in an accelerated classroom environment, and to excel academically in every subject. Motivated teachers ensure that this process takes place and produces these well rounded students. Academic success is further strengthened by committed remedial specialists that care greatly for each child’s individual achievements.

We realize that it may be difficult to portray the feel of our campus on your computer screen. With that in mind, let me describe to you what it is that makes the Belmont experience so unique. It is the creation of a real sense of community on its campus-a community which actively develops the social skills that ensure academic excellence. The Belmont community embraces the importance of each individual member. Students respect teachers and teachers respect students.  Imagine the teaching process starting when the class begins, rather than midway or near the end of class. Imagine students so concerned for the well-being of each other that parents no longer harbor concerns for the safety of their children. Imagination has become reality at Belmont Academy.

So, welcome again to our website.  I hope you will see that we are more than just a school, we are a community, a place for students to grow and to become their very best. We are Belmont Academy.