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Performance Data

  • Belmont Academy Charter School is a Florida High Performing Charter School that has a 15 year contract with the Columbia County School District through June 30, 2032.  
  • Belmont Academy is a K-12 Combination School including elementary, middle and high school.  The Academy has earned the School of Excellence award by the Florida State Board of Education.
  • Accredited through Cognia with "School of Distinction" Award
  • Rated one of the top 100 High Schools in Florida by US News and World Report

2013-2014: "A"

2014-2015: "A"

2015-2016: "A"

2016-2017: "A"

2017-2018: "A"

2018-2019: "A"   

2020-2021: "A"

2021-2022: "A"

2022-2023: "A"

*comparing percentage of points earned to total points possible