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Math Seeds

What is Mathseeds? Mathseeds is a comprehensive online mathematics program for children aged 3-8. It offers a huge range of carefully structured lessons and activities that build mathematical skills over a broad range of number, shape and measurement topics. The Mathseeds program is packed full of enjoyable child-focused activities that makes learning a rewarding and meaningful experience. It teaches fundamental concepts in a fun, motivating and engaging way, whilst rewarding children for their efforts. Key Features of Mathseeds The program features a wide variety of lessons and activities that have been created by educational experts. Each lesson is carefully structured to build early mathematical skills. Once a lesson is complete, it can be repeated as many times as needed. Mathseeds provides parents with a simple “dashboard” to show each child’s mathematical progress. Children can progress at their own level. Each child can create their own avatar/online character. Golden Acorns rewards can be used to add items to the child’s online treehouse or avatar. Children love collecting the Pets – a new pet hatches at the end of every lesson. Children receive a certificate after successfully completing the quiz at the end of every map.