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Iliana Roehr
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Academic Credentials:
Bachelors of Science in Education, Florida International University
Elementary Education/Grades 1-6
Early Childhood Education/Nursery-Kindergarten
Prekindergarten/Primary Education/ Age 3-Grade 3
E.S.O.L. Endorsed

Career HighlightsTeaching Experience: 24 years total 
Pre-K: 15 yrs.
  • Miami Dade County Public Schools: Fifteen years. Pre-K (last six years), Kindergarten, First and Second grade, E.S.O.L. (K - 2nd grade), Spanish S. and Spanish S.L. (K - 6th grades), as well as C.C.H.L.-Curriculum Content in the Home Language (K - 4th).                                                                                       
  • Orange County Public Schools: Three years. One year Pre-K VE, and two years VPK. 
  • Chile, South America - Missionary work: one year
  • Columbia County - Belmont Academy: Pre-K (six years)

Teaching Philosophy:
All children can learn. High expectations result in high achievement. I am seriously committed to be the best teacher for each child I have the opportunity to teach. I love children and I love teaching. However, I must admit: I love teaching Pre-K with a passion!