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Reference Page

This stands for accelerated Reader
Children will have access to books that have questions online to test their comprehension.
Awards or AR parties will be given to  those who meet their goal.
STAR reading test will determine their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development)
The computer predicts the optimal level for the most growth in reading.
August 22nd we will start our weekly plan with WONDERS.
There are six units in a year. Every Unit has six weeks.
This makes a total of 36 weeks or 180 days.
You will be noticing the labels Unit 1 Week 1.
This is how we keep track of Units and weeks.

If there is one day off in a week I will often times squeeze the program to fit because I like to have the tests for the week to stay on Friday. If there is two or more days missing in the week because of holidays I will supplement and review key concepts for that week and begin the routine again the following Monday. This is how we stay on track throughout the year.

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