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I love teaching!
        I remember being in school and giving my teacher such a puzzled look when she told me I couldn't use my fingers to do math. What else was I supposed to use? She was so kind to show me that I could do more than I thought possible at the time. I needed that tender persuasion to use strategies, number sense and memorization.
     Inspiring young children to do more than they imagine and to love learning takes them much farther in life than simply pushing them through their studies. This is what I strive to accomplish. 
Academic Credentials:
Bachelor of Science in Education, Eastern Montana College
Minored in Special Education 
Graduated with Honors
Certified Florida
Resident of Columbia County for 32 years
Married 40 years, 4 married children, 10 grandchildren

I have a background of country living growing up in Cody, Wyoming on a beautiful Arabian horse ranch. In high school I was involved with 4-H. I won trips to Washington D.C. for success in leadership, Chicago for record books on horses, and a trip to Virginia to study horseback riding for the handicapped. I won many awards training and showing horses. I love nature and appreciate life. I toured Europe with the United Methodist Choir singing in cathedrals across several countries.  I home schooled my five children one being a special needs child. I am dedicated to adding heart to learning, educating the whole child. My passion is to inspire children to do more than they think is possible. My background, experience, and love for children is the perfect combination for teaching at Belmont Academy.