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Week of November 29th

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!!

December 1st- Candy Gram sale starts
December 4th- Daddy Daughter Dance
December 9th- Elementary Music Concert
December 17th- End of the 2nd 9 Weeks (50% of Aleks)
December 20th-January 3rd Winter Break

Focus Skills:
Reading: Expository Text, Sequence, Suffixes, and Combining Sentences with Verbs
Math- Chapter 7 Review (Tuesday) and Chapter 7 Test (Wednesday)
Social Studies: Holidays Around The World
Science: Forms of Energy

Study Island: Setting, Verbs, and Forms of Energy

AR: 3 points for the week and a total of 18 by Friday

Week of November 15th

November 16th- Progress Reports
November 17th- Fall Festival (12:45-2:00) Volunteers are welcome!
November 17th- Last day to donate for the Thanksgiving Food Drive!
November 19th- Last day before Thanksgiving Break
November 20th- K-3 Movie Night from 3-5 PM

Focus Skills:
Reading: Folktale, Problem & Solution, Visualize, Suffixes, Past Tense Verbs, and R Controlled Vowels.
Math- Chapter 7
Social Studies: Turkey Writing
Science: Turkey Writing

Study Island: Context Clues, Two-Step Real World Problems, and Graphs and Charts

AR: 3 points for the week and a total of 15 by Friday

Week of November 9th

No School Thursday(11th)- Veteran's Day

AR Hip Hip Hoorays to :
Michael, Annabelle, Logan .D., Reagan, Owen, Jayden, Wyatt, Morgan, Carli, Luke, Jayden, Addison, . They have earned at least 9 points with an 85% average! Everyone keep up that wonderful reading :)

Aleks- Congratulations to Owen, Wyatt, Michael, Logan. D., Annabelle, Reagan, Allie, Noah, Carli, Jaxson, Sienna, Jayden, Addison for completing 50% or higher of 3rd grade Aleks. Yay!

Focus Skills:
Reading: Main Idea & Key Details, Summarize, Suffixes, Expository (Informational) Text, Verbs/Subject-Verb Agreement. We will spend sometime this week focusing on UNWRAP.
Math- Chapter Review (Monday), Chapter Test (Tuesday), and starting Chapter 7 on Wednesday.
Social Studies: American Indians
Science: Sun and stars

Study Island: Ask and Answer questions, Maps, Real World Problems, and Forces and Energy i the Solar System.

AR: 3 points for the week and a total of 12 by Friday

November 1st

Week of November 1st-5th

     AR Hip Hip Hoorays to :
Owen, Wyatt, Michael, Logan, Annabelle, Reagan, Morgan, Carli, Luke, Sienna, Jaidyn, Addison...... They have earned at least 6pts of their AR goal with an 85% average!  Everyone keep up that wonderful reading :)
          Focus Skills:
Reading: Main Idea & Key Details, Summarize, Suffixes, Expository (Informational) Text, Verbs/Subject-Verb Agreement
-----Spelling this week is r-controlled vowels-PLEASE make sure you child is studying the skill and not just memorizing the words.
Math: Multiplication and division -strategies for both operations; practicing multiplication for speed.
Social Studies:  Veterans Day, Creating Veterans Day Cards
Science: Universe and the Stars
        Study Island:
Characters, Stars, and Location and People's Lives
AR: 3 points for the week and a total of 9 by Friday
"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."
Learn something new everyday...I found out this week ,told to me by a student, that cockroaches can live headless for up to 24 hours!  Now that may seem weird but... we celebrate finding out "stuff" that no one knew before!  Keep learning, asking questions, and finding out how and why :))))))

Week of October 25th


Join in the Belmont Spirit by dressing up every day!
MONDAY: Mismatch Mayhem
TUESDAY: Dress as Twins or as the Opposite of Yourself
WEDNESDAY: Walt Disney Wear
THURSDAY: Dress like your favorite time period
FRIDAY: House Spirit Day!!

Reading : Poetry, Point of View, Simile, Singular and Plural Nouns
Math: Chapter 6 Division and practicing multiplication facts daily
Science: Animal Research Project
Social Studies: State Research Project

Distinguishing Figurative Language
Properties of Multiplication and Division

AR: 3 points for the week and a total of 6 for the nine weeks by Friday

Reminder: The practice cold read is due on Friday morning. UNWRAP is to be used with proof of answers marked in the text and by the question.

"Education begins at home. I applaud the families that recognize solid characteristics of honesty, hard work, and kindness are a result of home learning." EIstook

Thank you for your hard work in keeping your child on track with AR, Study Island, homework, and multiplication fact practice. It will all be worth it!

Week of October 11th

Week of October 11th

The first nine weeks is in the book...literally. Grades are finalized and posted:)

A huge fanfare and well deserved congratulations to our A and A/B Honor Roll students:
All A's - Logan .D, Annabelle, Carli!!!!
A/B- Owen, Wyatt, Michael, Morgan, Addison, Sienna

Kudos, Ta-dah, and Hip Hip Hooray for earning your AR goal (25pts and 85% average) through perseverance, reading every day, and putting forth great effort:
Owen, Wyatt, Michael, Logan.D,, Annabelle, Reagan, Morgan, Addison, Carli, Luke, Sienna, Jaidyn,

Whaaaaaatttttt?????? 25 or more Study Island blue ribbons:
Owen, Wyatt, Michael, Logan.D., Logan.H., Annabelle, Reagan, Ally, Morgan, Gemma, Carli, Harper, Luke, Sienna, Jaidyn, Addison

Heading into the 2nd nine weeks, homework will look a bit differently. As normal, Math homework will be sent home daily and due the next day. The spelling and vocabulary lists and a practice cold read will be sent home on Monday; due on Friday. Refer to last weeks post about UNWRAP.

It is absolutely necessary that your child is:
*Reading EVERY day at home; testing the next day at school- 3 points weekly WITH a test average of 85% or higher
*Practicing spelling and vocabulary EVERY day at home
*Achieving the 3 assigned Study Island topics every week-70% or higher

Thank you for making your child's academic learning a success by encouraging, holding a high standard of expectation, and following up at home.

DMridha-- "True education instills life skills that will be the basis for your life's success. School is not just about academics but about work ethic, goals, and high expectations."

Week of September 27th

Early Release on Wednesday, September 29th

AR Kudos and Hoorays to :
100%-Annabelle, Reagan, Michael, Sienna, Logan, Carli
75%- Owen, Morgan, Jaidyn, Luke, Addison
50%-Gemma, Wyatt
Please remember reaching the AR is POINTS + TEST AVERAGE of 85% or higher! By Friday, October 1st, everyone should have at least 24 points.

75%- Annabelle, Jaiydn, Morgan
50%- Owen, Wyatt, Sienna, Michael, Carli
25%- Harper, Reagan, Ally, Addison
Please remember the goal is to be at 25% of ALEKS by the end of the first 9 weeks.

Assigned for this week :
Point of View, Punctuation, and Number Sentences
Study Island practice is directly linked to success in the 3rd grade in all areas. Those students who persevere and conquer the topics independently build their confidence and ability to master all assessments.

Focus for this week:
Reading- Authors Point of View, Prefixes, Expository Text, Long E, Singular and Plural Nouns
Math- Starting Chapter 4 Multiplication
Social Studies- Voting process and Structure of Government
Science- Classification of Plants

Thank you for reading every day with your child, checking their homework, and keeping them on track with Study Island. We have to work as a team , student, myself, and family, to insure that skills are mastered and that any deficits in learning are covered and conquered.

You are appreciated!

“A child must know that they are a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like them.” ~ Pablo Casals

Week of September 7th


100% and Higher: Annabelle, Reagan, 
75% and higher-  Logan, Sienna, 
50%- Michael, Luke, 
25% and higher- Owen, Wyatt, Morgan, Gemma, Carli, Jaidyn, Addison
Keep up the wonderful reading and testing!

Friday, the 10th- everyone should have at least 15 points with a test average of 85% or higher:))))) Readers are leaders...FSA will be much easier for those that read consistently. SO...READ, rEAd, ReaD, rEaD!

(Remember...only innovative learners may take tests at home. Brick and mortar students must test at school. If a test is taken at home, it will be deleted.

Assigned for this week are :
Continents and Oceans (Social Studies)
Organism Structure (Science)
Main Idea and Key Details (Reading)

I am scheduling conferences with every family. We will be discussing STAR scores, 3rd grade expectations, and our plan for success on future assessments. I am available to meet M,T, W,TH,F at 10:20 and 3:15. Please let me know ASAP the day and time you like to meet. Thank you! ---use this link please

Focus for the week:
Reading: Main Idea, Expository Text, Multiple-Meaning Words, Simple & Compound Words
Math: Chapter 2 Review and Test (Tuesday & Wednesday) and Chapter 3 Subtraction
Science: Classification of Animals
Social Studies: Oceans and Continents

Week of August 30th

Week of August 30th

                                             AR ROCK STARS
75% and higher-  Annabelle
50%- Reagan, Sienna
25% and higher-  Owen, Michael, Logan, Morgan, Gemma, Carli, Luke, Jaxson, Jaidyn, Addison, 
Friday, the 3rd-  everyone should have at least 12 points with a test average of 85% or higher:)))))  Readers are leaders...FSA will be much easier for those that read consistently.  SO...READ, rEAd, ReaD, rEaD!
(Remember...only innovative learners may take tests at home.  Brick and mortar students must test at school.  If a test is taken at home, it will be deleted. 
Assigned for this week are :  Patterns (Math)
                                                 Syllable Patterns (Reading)
                                                   Map Skills (Math)
The assignments are only worked on at school.
Focus for the week:
Reading:  Metaphors, Biography, Cause/Effect, Ask & Answering Questions, Subject, Predicate
Math:  Place Value in Addition, Properties of Addition (Quiz Thursday)
Science:  Classification of Animals
Social Studies: Oceans and Continents
Thank you to all of you that help your child at home in reading, homework, and staying on track with this 3rd grade journey.  You, as support for your child's learning, are appreciated more than you know!
"Education, school, learning is not about getting a grade.  Education, school, learning is about  life skills, setting goals, struggling, working to achieve the goals... and celebrating along the way. "  AVLongfield-Smithe

Week of August 23

Week of August 23rd:)

     This class is amazing!  3rd grade is an academic leap and learning curve.  This group has jumped in and are on the way to becoming successful 3rd grade students.
1.)  AR...AR...AR...AR...oh and...AR!  Please read every night so that your child is able to test and reach their goal of 3 points per week!  By Friday, August 27th , they will need at least 9 points.  
2.) Study Island will be completed at school.  In the 3rd grade, SI is used as part of the subject grade and fidelity is important.  Most students who complete all the SI ribbons before the FSA will score a level 3 or higher.
3.) ALEKS - can be worked on during school or at home.
Reading:  Sequencing, Predicate, Subject, Genre-Autobiography
Math: 3 and 4 digit addition , compatible numbers for addition
Social Studies: Finishing Cardinal Direction
Science: plants- Parts and functions 
Thank you for making sure that your child is staying on track with their studies, helping at home, and encouraging them to always do their best!
"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."
BB King

Week of August 16th

Week of August 24th!

     Our 1st week of 3rd grade has been conquered!  The students were amazing as we worked through new procedures, safety measures, and beginning 3rd grade skills.  I am very proud of all of them!
     Focus for this week will include:
ELA/Reading:  sequence, visualizing as we read, realistic fiction, commands and exclamations in sentence writing ( Vocabulary and Comprehension test on Thursday; Spelling test and Cold Read on Friday)
Math: rounding to the nearest ten and hundred (chapter test on Friday)
Science:  structure and function of plants
Social Studies:  cardinal directions , creating a map
AR point and averages are entered in as a grade weekly.  Each student should earn at least 3  points a week and keep their test average at 85% or higher.
Homework is Spelling and Vocabulary practice, math page nightly, math review (will be sent home on Thursday) , and daily reading for AR.
Questions?  Concerns?  Please send me a message via Dojo, email or leave a message with the front desk for a return call.  
Thank you !
"Success comes to those who work for it!"  H. Thoreau

Week of August 9th

This week:
We will spend a lot of time getting to know each other. :)
Reading:  Fantasy, Comprehension Strategy; Visualize, Comprehension Skill; Character Traits. Grammar: Sentences and Fragments.
Math:  Place Value , Ordering and Comparing Numbers. FRIDAY we will have a Check My Progress (Quiz)
Social Studies: Map Skills, Compass Rose, Using a Key and Legend
Homework will include Review Spelling, Vocabulary, and 3 AR points READ READ READ! (We will be reading 4 short books in class this week-so these books alone will get your child 2AR pts)
Test this week: 
Thursday: Vocabulary/Comprehension
Friday: Grammar, Spelling, Cold Read Practice and Math Quiz. 

Last Post for 3rd grade

Last Post for 3rd grade !
It is difficult and heart rendering to comprehend but, this is the last post for our 3rd grade year together. We are not officially finished until Friday, May 28th. I will complete posting grades by June 2nd. We are still working "It's not over until it's over" :)
Upcoming Events:
Monday, May 24th...AR Party for all those students that made their AR goals every quarter!
Tuesday, May 25th...Study Island "Camp Out" for those students that earned all their 3rd grade blue ribbons
Wednesday, May 26th...CAMP KULAQUA ...if you are not attending as a chaperone then I will be assigning each child to a chaperone. I am not leaving anything to chance!
Thursday, May 27th...3rd grade awards at Christian Church Fellowship, 9:15 a.m. ; pizza luncheon for all the students that met their 4th quarter AR goals
Friday, May 28th ...last day of school...we will be sending home A LOT of items so please make sure that your child comes with an empty book bag! Also, we will be eating lunch in the room.

We have faced and overcome a difficult and transitional year. From start dates, covid19, quarantines and the like, these students have proven that they have resilience and the intelligence to face and conquer challenges that are thrown at them! 

Week of May 17th

Week of May 17th

     We have conquered the 3rd grade round of FSA tests!  The class handled the pressure like champions. Our math proctor remarked how calm and focused all of the students were and that they appeared confident.  Kudos to all of them!
     REMEMBER: Items being donated for our field trip on Tuesday, May 18th, should be at school by Monday, the 17th.  We very much appreciate all of you that are giving to make this a wonderful experience for our students. 
  • Field Trip- May 18th
  • House Summer Games- May 19th - dress in your house color from head to toe!!
  • Study Island Party- May 25th
  • Camp Kulaqua Trip - May 26th
  • 3rd Grade AWARDS- May 27th
  • Last Day of School- May 28th 
     4th quarter AR goal, all Study Island Blue Ribbons, and  3rd grade ALEKS need to be finished by May 25th. Finishing will count toward the awards presentations!
     We are working on 4th grade skills, starting to prep for next year!  We want to give our kids a head start on their new adventure:)
     Please message me should you have questions!

Week of May 10th

Week of May 10th

     The next few days and weeks are going to be full, fun, and fantastic!  
This Week:
Math FSA- Wed. and Thurs. , May 12th and 13th
Next Week:
Field Trip at School- Tues., May 18th 
Thanks to all of you that have signed up to donate items for this experience.  Remember to make your payment on line and return the permission form. 
Last Week of School:
Tues.,May 25th-Study Island "Camp Out" for all students that have achieved all blue ribbons with a 70% or higher
Wed., May 26th-Camp Kulaqua trip. Remember to make your payment on line and return the permission form.  Chaperones are more than welcome! Since this is a swimming event , the more adults on hand , the better!
Thurs., May 27th- Awards Program - I will forward a definitive time asap.
Study Island- There are 3 assignments for this week however; I told the class to "go for it"!  Any ribbons not earned should be completed by May 25th in order to attend the "camp out".
AR- 25 points with a minimum  85% test average by May 26th.
Homework- I will send a notice by Dojo if homework is being sent home for the day.  
We are closing in on the finish line!  If you have any questions, please message me on Dojo or email me.   Thank you!