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Week of May 16th

The next 5 1/2 days are going to be filled with numerous activities to close the 2021-2022 school year. We are providing as many details as possible below to make the next few days as easy as possible.

Wednesday 5/18 , Regular Day
Elementary students, K-5, will not be participating in the Summer Games this year. We will have a regular school day this day!

Thursday, May 19th- ALEKS Party
On Thursday, students who have completed 100 % of 3rd grade ALEKS will be provided an ice cream sundae party. Students who have not finished ALEKS by 5/18 @ 2:45 pm, will not be participating.

Friday, May 20th-AR Party
School A.R. Party @ 1:50-2:10 ----The AR party will be for students who met their 25-point AR goals for the 3rd AND 4th quarter. To qualify, students must have had an 85 % test average accuracy to qualify, even if they had met the point requirement.

Monday, May 23rd- Movie Day
To wrap up our book study on Holes, we will be watching the movie as we enjoy some snacks. The students are very excited!!

The 3rd grade teachers will host an 4th nine weeks A.R. breakfast for those students who met their 25-point goal for the 4th nine weeks. To quality, students must have an 85% test average and 25 or more A.R. points.

Tuesday, May 24th- Awards Day
3rd grade awards will be at 10 AM in the church auditorium. Game Day! Allow your child to bring their favorite board/card game from home. 

Wednesday, May 25th- Last Day of School and Early Release-- Students will be dismissed at 12:45 PM. Dress head to toe in house colors!! We will be doing a 3rd grade Field Day. Please make sure to send an empty backpack so we can send their stuff home.

Week of May 9th

Week of May 9th
We have conquered the 3rd grade round of FSA tests! The class handled the pressure like champions. Our math proctor remarked how calm and focused all of the students were and that they appeared confident. Kudos to all of them!
May 12th- Elementary Concert @ 6 pm
May 17th- Camp K from 10 am-2pm
May 18th- House Games
May 19th- Last Day for A.R. Goals
May 19th- Aleks "Ice Cream Sundae" Party (Sign up to come)
May 20th- School A.R. Party for 3rd and 4th nine weeks
May 23rd- Class A.R. Breakfast Party (Sign up to come)
May 23rd- Movie Day (We're watching Holes that goes along with our book study)
May 24th- Awards Day @ 10 am
May 24th-Game Day! Bring your favorite game to school
May 25th- Last Day of School
May 25th- Report cards go home

- Study Island Blue Ribbons are due by Friday May 13th in order to go to Camp K.
-3rd grade Aleks needs to be completed by May 18th in order to participate at the Aleks Party.
-4th Quarter A.R. goals are due by the end of the day on Friday, May 20th!
We are continuing our book study on "Holes", working on A.R., Aleks, and Study Island.
Please message me should you have questions!

Week of May 2nd

The next few days and weeks are going to be full, fun, and fantastic!
Important Dates:
May 4th-FSA Parent Letters Due!
May 5th- FSA Math Day 1
May 6th- FSA Math Day 2
May 12th- Elementary Concert

May 17th- Camp K for our "106 Blue Ribbons" Celebration
Payment Link:

May 18th- House Games (More info to come)
May 20th- A.R. 100 Points Celebration
May 24th-Awards Day (Time TBA)
May 25th- Last Day of School

Reading: This week we're going to begin a book study on "Holes by Louis Sachar. I did this with my students last year and it was a huge success!!
Study Island: Revising, Editing, and Gathering Information (done at school)
A.R.- 21 Points and 85% average

Math- Monday-Tuesday we're going to finish up our FSA Math Reviews. The students have worked really hard to prepare for this test. We will also focus hard on finishing up Aleks! I'm very pleased to say that I've got 13 students who've completed 3rd grade Aleks and are now working on 4th grade standards! YAY!
Math FSA Thursday and Friday- Make sure students get a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast. Parent FSA Letters are due Wednesday, May 4th!

Science/Social Studies: We're using this time this week to do team building activities and finish up FSA Review.

The only homework they'll have for the rest of the year is A.R.--- yay!

We are closing in on the finish line (18 more days)! If you have any questions, please message me on Dojo or email me. Thank you!

Week of April 26th

Home stretch for finishing up 2021-2022! We are approaching the Math FSA , completing 106 Study Island blue ribbons, 25 AR points for the quarter, and our Study Island party at Camp K!

Our Math FSA will be May 5th and 6th (Thursday and Friday) I will be sending home the large envelope again this week. Please write 2 letters for your student (Day 1 and Day 2), if you could label them that would be great. Please have these letters back to me no later than Tuesday May 3rd.

Reading: The story of the week is Alligators and Crocodiles. Test this week are: Vocabulary and Comprehension (Thursday), Grammar (Friday), Spelling (Friday), and Cold Read (Friday).
STUDY ISLAND- Linking Words and Phrases, Planning, and Purpose and Audience
AR-18 points/85% average by Friday, April 29th

Math: Reviewing 3rd grade skills in preparation for our Math FSA Test next week. We will have homework each night this week.

Social Studies: We will pick back up on Social Studies next week. This week we're using this time to work on FSA Math Skills.

Science: Completing our Planet Research Project (done in class).

Our Camp Kulaqua field trip will be May 17th. Permission slips will go home today. Please sign and return the permission slip form asap if your child plans on attending. The payment can be made on the Belmont Website. Remember students must be dropped off and picked up. In order to go, students must have 106 study island blue ribbons. I am encouraging parents to join as chaperones on the Camp Kulaqua trip! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Important Dates:
April 26th- Progress Reports 
April 27th- Early Release at 12:45pm
May 5th and May 6th- FSA Math
May 12- Spring Concert 6pm
May 17- Camp K trip (must drop off and pick up! but would love for parents to stay!)
May 18- House games (more info to come)
May 20- AR 100 points celebration
May 24- 3rd grade awards
May 25th- Last Day of School!!!

“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” – Alan Simpson

Week of April 18th

Week of April 18th

Reading/ELA: Story of the week: King Midas and the Golden Touch (Test Thursday). Grammar: Adverbs (Test Friday). Spelling: Vowel Team Syllables (Test Friday). Cold Read: Test Friday.
Study Island: Introducing and Closing Topics and Supporting Facts and Details

Math: FSA Math Review--Math homework Monday-Thursday

Science: Plant Research (in class)

Social Studies: Taking a break to review FSA Math skills.
Study Island: Social Studies Post-Test

AR- 15 points total by Friday ; 85% test average
Reading every night, ready to test the next morning!

Important Dates:
April 19th- Progress Reports
April 27th- Early Release
May 5th and May 6th- FSA Math
May 25th- Last Day of School

We are almost to the finish line of 3rd grade (26 more days). Please keep reading with your child, encouraging them to read independently, and checking their homework!

"True education does not exist in the acquiring of facts but in the development of true character." DMcKay

Week of April 11th

Week of April 11th
The 1st round of the FSA is finished! The entire class was wonderful in their effort and focus. We had 2 different proctors during the tests. Each one complimented the class on their behavior and their great concentration! The results will take a few weeks to be processed. The tests are scored off site so, Belmont is not in control of the results timeline.

Reading/ELA: Reviewing skill in prep for 4th grade and adjectives. We'll have a cold read, spelling, and grammar test on Thursday.
Math: Chapter 14 Review (Monday) and Chapter 14 Test (Tuesday). We'll spend the rest of the week reviewing 3rd grade skills for our FSA Math.
Study Island: Shape Partition and Post Test
Science: Reading "Looking up to Ellen Ochoa" and doing activities
Social Studies: Taking a break to review FSA Math skills.
Study Island: Government and Laws

AR- 12 points total by Friday ; 85% test average
Reading every night, ready to test the next morning!

Important Dates:
April 14th- Muffins with Moms
April 15th- Good Friday (No School)
April 19th- Progress Reports
April 27th- Early Release
May 5th and May 6th- FSA Math
May 25th- Last Day of School

We are almost to the finish line of 3rd grade (31 more days). Please keep reading with your child, encouraging them to read independently, and checking their homework!

"True education does not exist in the acquiring of facts but in the development of true character." DMcKay

Week of March 14th

Week of March 14th

Spring is in the air! We are beginning the final 9 weeks of this school year. We have so much to look forward to and much, much more to learn! Take a deep breath, hold on, and let's push forward with all our might to the end.

*AR STARS that met or exceeded their goal for the 3rd nine weeks*
Addison, Annabelle, Carli, Reagan, Wyatt, Sienna, Logan.D., Luke, Jaidyn, Jaxson, Allie, Owen 

A- Logan.D., Annabelle & Carli
A/B- Owen, Wyatt, Jaidyn, Addison, Gemma, Luke, Sienna

Aleks (Students need to be at 75% of higher)
4th grade Aleks- Logan.D., Owen, Carli, Morgan, Jaxson, Annabelle, Jaidyn You guys are awesome!!!!!
75%- Wyatt, Reagan, Allie, Sienna, Harper, Addison, Noah, Logan.H., Luke 

Reading/ELA: We will be reviewing multiple skills in prep. for the FSA test. We will have spelling and vocabulary quizzes on Tuesday. No Cold Read test this week, but we will be doing 4 Study Island assignments. Spelling and Grammar test will be on Friday.
Study Island- Reference Materials and Adjectives/Adverbs

Math: Continuing Chapter 13 Area and Perimeter- multiplication quiz daily- multiple skills review to prep for the FSA; daily math homework
Study Island- Perimeter

Science: Variation of Traits
Study Island- Behavior of Light

Social Studies: Culture Research Project (done in class)

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”

– Clay P. Bedford

Week of March 7th

Week of March 7th- Last Week of the 3rd Quarter!

Friday, the 11th will mark the end of the 3rd quarter. The 25 point AR goal with a test average of 85% or higher must be reached by 2:45 on Friday in order to join in the AR celebration after spring break.

Don't forget about the 75% ALEKS by 2:45 on Friday. Your child can let you know if they are not at this goal.

Focus Skills:
Reading- Fairytales, Point of View, Summarize, Root Words, Possessive Pronouns, y to i
Study Island- Using Words for Effect

Math- Chapter 13 Area and Perimeter --Study Island-Area

Science- Force and Motion-- Study Island-Post Test

Social Studies- cultural contribution to the USA from other countries

We are practicing for the FSA! You will see packets coming home without a grade for ELA/Reading and Math. Those packets are samples of items that will be tested on both tests. The idea is to practice a bit at a time and get familiar with the actual "look" of the test items.

FSA Reading: April 6th and 7th
FSA Math: May 5th and 6th
Important information: They need a good nights rest, healthy breakfast and most importantly encouragement. If you child is late they will not be permitted to take the test that day.

Important Dates:
March 11- End of 9 weeks
March 17- Valente day (wear all green) + Science night (more info to come)
March 18- Award's day 9:15 for 3rd grade
March 19-March 27 - Spring Break
March 30- Early Release
April 1- Muffins with Mom 7:15am
April 6th-7th FSA Reading
May 5th-6th FSA Math

Week of February 28th

This week we will focus on asking questions while reading as well as looking at the Author's point of view. (How they feel/think when writing).

Vocab/Comp Test on Tuesday

Wednesday, March 2 is Dr. Seuss' birthday so we have lots of fun things we will be doing with his books all while reviewing skills we have already learned this year in ELA.

Chapter math test on data is Tuesday. Chapter review test will go home on Monday. Please review vocabulary words and any missed items.

In Social Studies, we will be talking about the 3 R's - recycle, reduce and reuse.
In Science, we will be discussing weathering and erosion.

Students will need to have 25 points by Friday and the 3 blue ribbons from Study Island.

March 1- Family game night at Secondary campus cafeteria.
March 2- Dr. Seuss' birthday
March 5- Mom and Son date night (flyer was sent on dojo and email)
March 11- End of 9 weeks
March 17- Valente day (wear all green) + Science night (more info to come)
March 18- Award's day 9:15 for 3rd grade
March 19-March 27 - Spring Break
March 30- Early Release
April 1- Muffins with Mom 7:15am

April 6 and 7th

May 5 and 6th


Please make sure your child is doing their math HW every night as well as their cold read home which is due every Friday morning.

Thank you all so much for all that you do! I truly appreciate everyone so much!

Week of February 22nd

Reading: Biography, Author's Point of View, Ask and Answer Questions, Prefixes and Suffixes, Subject Pronoun, ending -ed, -ing, and -s
Math: Chapter 12 Graphs
Social Studies: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Science: Earth Changes


Thank you for being diligent in reading with your child. Time invested daily in reading aloud to your child or having them read aloud to you is an invaluable tool in building reading skills. Questions about the stories, characters, all the "why's"lead to strategic thinking. 15-20 minutes a day of reading with you can change the trajectory of your child's success.
Multiple children at multiple levels in the family? Choose a chapter book that can be read aloud to the entire family!

February 23- Early release day at 12:45
March 1st- STAR Math
March 3rd- Mother and Son Date Night
March 8th- STAR Reading
March 11th- End of the 3rd 9 Weeks
March 17th- Valente Day
March 18th-3rd quarter awards
March 19th-27th- Spring Break
March 30th- Early Release at 12:45

January 17th

Can you believe it is already the 3rd week of January?? This year is already flying by!

This week we are focusing on comparing and contrasting with expository texts. In math we are finishing up chapter 9 and moving on to chapter 10 which is "How can fractions be used to represent numbers and their parts" In science we will be covering animal adaptions and continuing to learn about American landmarks in Social Studies.

Goals for this week are: AR goal is 9 points by Friday with 85% accuracy and 3 blue ribbons on Study Island.

Our field trip is coming up soon! Permission slips will be in folders today.
Here is the link to pay.
Must pay online.

We are also in the works of having an open house for February. A sign up for time slot will be coming soon. Times are a first come, first serve. We will be discussing FSA which is coming in April among other things as we finish up the end of the 3rd grade year.

January 24 starts literacy week. I will share image on another post. Mon-Thur students will wear uniform but can wear accessories that match the theme for the day. Friday is full dress up day. They must dress up like a book character AND have the book in their possession. (You can photo copy the cover and glue it on something hard if you do not have the book but we prefer the book)
January 26 - Early Release at 12:45
January 29- Belmont's talent show at 6pm
February 10 - Spring photos. (May not wear uniform IF purchasing photos only)
February 11- Class photo day! Wear your best uniform!
February 16- 3rd grade's field trip to Bowling Alley. (More info to come)
February 21- Teacher Workday
February 23- Early release day at 12:45

Have a wonderful week!

Jan 10th

New quarter, new goals, new outlook... the wonderful thing about a new quarter is knowing everyone has a fresh start and opportunities to reach new heights in learning!

AR Blue Ribbon Count
Leader Board:
67- Logan .D. 
56-Annabelle, Michael, Wyatt, Owen 

ALEKS Mastered Skills
Leader Board:
In 5th grade Aleks: Logan.D. 
These students are in 4th grade Aleks: Annabelle, Morgan, Jaidyn


Everything that I assign, everything that I expect academically, everything that we, as a class, work on is with 1 goal in learning in preparation for 4th grade skills. Parents and Families-your help is absolutely vital! Read every day -with your child or monitor their reading time (20 minutes) at home. Review math homework , including multiplication facts...and practice cold reads that are due on Friday. Reinforce learning with encouragement, conversing with your child, and high expectations.

Thank you for all that you do to make sure your child's learning successful.

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." Anonymous

Week of January 4th

Week of January 4th
Happy New Year!
Welcome to 2021, new adventures, new journeys, new questions, new learning!  I hope that all of you had a joy filled, memory making break.  I was blessed with time with my family and friends.  Life seems sweeter and more treasured when shared with those that we love, those who need to be loved, and those that need family. 
Study Island for the upcoming week:
Multiple Meaning Words
Properties of Matter 
Reading: Asking and Answering questions and Point of View. Grammar: Linking verbs 
Math: Chapter 9- multiplication and division 
Science: Scientific method 
Social Studies: American Landmarks 
A Honor roll: Michael, Logan .D., Annabelle, Carli, Wyatt
A/B Honor Roll:
Owen, Reagan, Gemma, Luke, Sienna, Jaidyn, Addison, Ally
"Who questions much, shall learn much, shall retain much." Francis Bacon
THIS FRIDAY, Jan 7 at 9:15am- 3rd grade awards and AR party for those who met their goal both 9 weeks.
January 14- Donuts with Dad in the cafeteria 7:15am-7:45am. 
January 17 - No School! Dr. Martin Luther King Day 
January 24-28 - Literacy Week (More info to come!) 
January 26 - Early Release at 12:45
January 28 - Literacy Day parade (more info to come) 
February 10 - Spring photos. (May not wear uniform IF purchasing photos only)
February 11- Class photo day! Wear your best uniform!
February 16- 3rd grade's field trip to Bowling Alley. (More info to come)
February 21- Teacher Workday 
February 23- Early release day at 12:45

Week of December 13th

A look at this week:

Monday 12/13- STAR Math

Tuesday 12/14- STAR Reading

Wednesday 12/15- Country doll is due (this is a social studies test grade). Please also have your recipe forms with the ingredients and instructions turned in (this was stapled to the back of the doll). Please try and stay away from recipes with peanuts. This is also the Elementary Movie night (see flyer I previously posted).

Thursday 12/16- Cultural Feast - Dishes need to be dropped off at school by 11:00 or earlier on Thursday for setup. Only those parents who have signed up for assisting, will be allowed in classrooms. If you are leaving a dish you wish to be returned, please put your child’s name and teacher on it.

Thursday is also Ugly Sweater day... Come dressed and ready to earn house points (Must wear Uniform Bottoms)

Friday: Color Rush (dress head to toe in your house colors)

Students must have 25 AR points by the end of the week & 50% ALEKS. We will have 3 study island lessons this week. No ELA curriculum just math.

Week of December 6th

December 6th- Assign Holiday Around the World Project
December 9th- Elementary Music Concert
December 10th- Daddy Daughter Dance
December 15th- Holiday Around the World Project Due
December 16th- Holiday Around the World Feast & Winter Games
December 17th- End of the 2nd 9 Weeks
December 18th-January 3rd- Winter Break
**Please note students return Tuesday January 4th
A.R Shout Out-
100% Michael, Logan.D., Annabelle, Allie, 
75% Owen, Reagan, Carli, Luke, Jaxson, Sienna, Jaidyn, Addison, 
50% Wyatt, Morgan, Harper, Julianna
Keep up the good work! By Friday, the 10th, everyone should have at least 21 points with at least an 85% average.
Aleks Shout Out-
100%- Jaidyn, Annabelle, Logan.D., Morgan
75%- Owen, Michael, Carli, Sienna, 
50%- Wyatt, Reagan, Allie, Noah, Harper, Luke, Jaxson, Addison
25%- Gemma, Julianna, Logan .H. 
Students need to be on 50% or higher by the end of the 2nd 9 Weeks
Reading: Birth of Anthem Test (Tuesday), NO Cold Read HW, Homework: Doll for Country Research
Math: Chapter 8 Strategies for Multiplication and Division, CMP Quiz-Tuesday
Science: Energy: Test on Thursday
Social Studies: Holidays Around the World
Benchmark Testing:
December 6th & 7th- Reading
December 8th & 9th- Math
We are in the final push for the end of the 2nd nine weeks. Please be faithful in reading with your child daily, practicing spelling and multiplication , and expecting excellence!
"The most beautiful thing about learning is that NO ONE can take it from you." BBKing