Last Post for 3rd grade

Last Post for 3rd grade !
It is difficult and heart rendering to comprehend but, this is the last post for our 3rd grade year together. We are not officially finished until Friday, May 28th. I will complete posting grades by June 2nd. We are still working "It's not over until it's over" :)
Upcoming Events:
Monday, May 24th...AR Party for all those students that made their AR goals every quarter!
Tuesday, May 25th...Study Island "Camp Out" for those students that earned all their 3rd grade blue ribbons
Wednesday, May 26th...CAMP KULAQUA ...if you are not attending as a chaperone then I will be assigning each child to a chaperone. I am not leaving anything to chance!
Thursday, May 27th...3rd grade awards at Christian Church Fellowship, 9:15 a.m. ; pizza luncheon for all the students that met their 4th quarter AR goals
Friday, May 28th ...last day of school...we will be sending home A LOT of items so please make sure that your child comes with an empty book bag! Also, we will be eating lunch in the room.

We have faced and overcome a difficult and transitional year. From start dates, covid19, quarantines and the like, these students have proven that they have resilience and the intelligence to face and conquer challenges that are thrown at them!