Week of March 15th

Week of March 15th- Last Week of the 3rd Quarter!

     Happy St, Patrick's Day... a bit early !  Wednesday, the 17th, is the official day and YES we can all wear GREEN and NO there will not be any pinching!
We will all be celebrating the Greenest Day of the year with Valente' leading the way.  ( Clothes must be school appropriate and no dyed hair or face paint.)
     Friday, the 19th will mark the end of the 3rd quarter.  The 25 point AR goal with a test average of 85% or higher  must be reached by 2:45 on Friday in order to join in the AR celebration after spring break.  Keep reading!
Don't forget about the 75% ALEKS by 2:45 on Friday. Your child can let you know if they are not at this goal.
     Focus Skills:
Reading- adjectives, theme, writing to respond to a prompt, pronoun and verb agreement, Study Island- Adjectives and Adverbs
Math- elapsed time ,multiplication, measurement, Study Island-Time Intervals
Science- force and motion... Activity with balloons, pennies and hex nuts. Study Island-Forces and Energy in the Solar System
Social Studies- cultural contribution to the USA from other countries
We are practicing for the FSA!  You will see packets coming home without a grade for ELA/Reading and Math.  Those packets are samples of items that will be tested on both tests. The idea is to practice a bit at a time and get familiar with the actual "look" of the test items. 
FSA Reading: April 14th and 15th
FSA Math: May 12th and Maty 13th
Important information: They need a good nights rest, healthy breakfast and most importantly encouragement.  If you child is late they will not be permitted to take the test that day. 
Let's make the most of this week before break then enjoy break to its fullest! Sunshine, fresh air, planting, biking, swimming, running, picnics and anything we can jam in to live life to the fullest :)
"Do more things with your family that make you forget to check your phone. Your time. not your money, will be the memories that stand out for your child."