Week of January 18th

Beginning 3rd Quarter!

New quarter, new goals, new outlook... the wonderful thing about a new quarter is knowing everyone has a fresh start and opportunities to reach new heights in learning!
Congratulations to all those who achieved their AR goal for the 2nd quarter:
Logan, Colson, Alisha, Kaleb, Kate, Jaxson, Lily, Braydon, Ryder, Chloe and Shelby! Readers become leaders...you all are leading by your example :)
AR Blue Ribbon Count
Leader Board:
51-Jaxson, Chloe, Kate
50-Lily, McKenzie, Shelby
48-Ryder, Logan, Rebecca, Braydon
46-Colson, Alisha, Kaleb
45- Mia
Kudos and Hoorays to all of you!
ALEKS Mastered Skills
Leader Board:
98-Kate, Chloe
63-Colson, Lilah
54-Shelby, Braydon, Lily 
Above and beyond expectations!
Everything that I assign, everything that I  expect academically, everything that we, as a class,  work on is with 1 goal in mind...life learning in preparation for 4th grade skills. 
Parents and Families-your help is absolutely vital! 
     Read every day -with your child or monitor their reading time (20 minutes)  at home.
          Review math homework , including multiplication facts...and practice cold reads that are due on Friday.  
               Reinforce learning with encouragement, conversing with your child,  and high expectations.  
Thank you for all that you do to make sure your child's learning  successful. 
"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."  Anonymous