Week of November 30th

  AR Hip Hip Hoorays to :
Mckenzie, Mia, Logan, Jaxson, Chloe, Shelby, Kate, Ryder and Braydon They have earned at least 50% of their AR goal!  Everyone keep up that wonderful reading :)
     Focus Skills:
Reading: Main Idea and Key Details, Summarize, Future Tense Verbs, and root words as we read, Expository NonFiction.
Math: multiplication and division -strategies for both operations; practicing multiplication for speed. Chapter Review coming home Thursday night, Test Friday.
Social Studies:  bartering, goods, services, producers, consumers, economy
Science: animal research projects
     Study Island:
3 Blue Ribbons
AR: 4 points for the week and a total of 16 by Friday.
Hope you all had a Great Thanksgiving Break.