Week of Nov 9th

Week of November 9-13

     AR Hip Hip Hoorays to :
Shelby, Chloe, Katie, Bella, McKenzie, Braydon, Mia, Lilah. They have earned at least 25% of their AR goal with an 85% average!  Everyone keep up that wonderful reading :)
     Food Drive: We talked about how many people they could feed with all the food that was donated, how giving to help others is a grand reward in itself, and being thankful that we were all able to help.  Thank you for all your donations!
     Focus Skills:
Reading: cause and effect, subject and verb agreement, visualizing as we read, historical fiction
Math: multiplication and division -strategies for both operations; practicing multiplication for speed. Chapter TEST on Tuesday!  
Social Studies:  bartering, goods, services, producers, consumers, economy
Science: animal research projects
     Study Island:
Employing Dialogue; Verbs, Model Multiplication and Division
AR: 3 points for the week and a total of 9 by Friday
"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."
Learn something new everyday...I found out this week ,told to me by a student, that cockroaches can live headless for up to 24 hours!  Now that may seem weird but... we celebrate finding out "stuff" that no one knew before!  Keep learning, asking questions, and finding out how and why :))))))