Week of Nov 2

   A huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you for donating items for the school food drive. The look of joy on their faces when they donate is wonderful ...helping others is a heart changing experience. 
Reading: visualization as a reading strategy, statement and question sentences, synonyms, problem and solution
Math: division strategies, continuing to practice multiplication fluency
(knowing the facts by memory)
Social Studies: bartering, currency, goods and services, needs and wants-all of those in regard to economy
Science:  animal research project- we will be completing the project in class
     *spelling, vocabulary, practice cold read (due Friday), 1 math page every night and AR daily (6 points total by Friday, Nov, 6th)
     *Study Island - Possessives, Properties of Multiplication and Division, Characteristics of Money and Bartering 
     *Math- 1 page daily - your child will bring this home in their binder-it is due the next day.
     SPIRIT WEEK is coming up Nov. 16-20 ...this is a fun time to encourage school spirit and earn points for houses!  Please see the daily list for dress  on the weekly Belmont email to parents/families. 
"Correction does much, encouragement does more". VanGoethe
Thank you for encouraging, cheering, working with, and supporting your child.  Your positive words make a 1,000% difference in their minds and hearts:)