October 12-16th

Week of October 12th-16th

We are down to the last 4 days of the 9th week...that is unbelievable! Everyone has 4 days to finish AR and conquer Study Island blue ribbons.  I am so very proud of my students, their hard work, tackling new skills, stretching to be the best 3rd graders everrrrrrrr!
STUDY ISLAND:  Author's Point of View &  Conjunctions 
AR:  25 points by THURSDAY, Oct. 15th (AR party when we return from break)
                NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, Oct. 16th...Teacher Work Day 
                FALL BREAK- Oct. 19th-23rd
Reading: Author's Point of View, Combining Sentences, Expository Text
Math:  Using Arrays and Repeated Addition to Understand Multiplication
Social Studies: Recognizing Primary and Secondary Sources
Science:  Classification of Animals
Thank you parents and families!  Keep up that reading and checking work for accuracy and excellence. 
"Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it...Right is right, even when no one is looking."  WPenn                   Live with integrity...