Week of October 5th-9th

Week of October 5th- 9th

     Week 8 of the 1st nine weeks...that is hard to believe!  The days have flown by:)
     SHOUT OUT to those who are leading in Study Island, with 20 or more blue ribbons in 3rd grade Skills:Chloe, Shelby, Lily, Kate, McKenzie, Logan.
Keep up the great work.  Please check with your child and make sure they have at least 19 blue ribbons completed by this Friday, the 9th.  Study Island practice and success in 3rd grade are directly linked.  Students who independently conquer the topics are the ones who learn to persevere and master the FSA.
     AR Stars:
100%...Logan, Rebecca, Kate, Lily, Ryder, Shelby, Chloe
75%....Colson, Bella, Alisha, MeKenzie, Kaleb, Jaxson, Braydon, Amelia
Please remember AR achievement is a combination of points and an 85% or higher test average.  We are still reading and testing daily so that everyone can reach their goal.  It is absolutely vital that your child is reading at home every day as well!
Focus Skills :
Reading:  author's point of view (their opinion), irregular plural and collective nouns, comprehension strategies
Math: Chapter 3 review and test, begin Chapter 4 with multiplication as repeated addition and arrays
Science:  animal classification ( vertebrate, invertebrate, bird, insects, mammals, reptiles, etc.)
Social Studies: understanding the election and voting process as a part of government;  holding a mock election - we have candy as candidates!
We are nearing the end of the nine weeks...October 15th.  AR goals must be met by the end of the day on the 15th so that your child may know the success of reaching their goal and participating in our 3rd grade AR party.  
Also, each student always has the opportunity to raise their Study Island grades by re-working the assigned topic.  
Parents and Families- thank you! Your example of integrity and honesty in having your child complete their work independently and pushing through to accomplish their goals will teach them vital life skills.  Your help is greatly appreciated !
Do what is right...not what is easy...integrity and honesty will make you a winner every time."  JRHughing