September 28-October 2nd

Week of September 28-October 2

                      Early Release on Wednesday, September 30th
 AR Kudos and Hoorays to :
100%-Shelby, Ryder
75%-Loga, Colson, Rebecca, Kate, Chloe, McKenzie
50%-Mia, Braydon, Alicia, Jaxson,
Please remember reaching the AR is POINTS + TEST AVERAGE of 85% or higher!
By Friday, October 2nd, everyone should have at least 21 points. 
Study Island:
Congratulations to :
Logan, McKenzie, Kate, Chloe, Lily, Ryder, Shelby who have earned all the assigned Blue Ribbons!  Keep up the GREAT learning!
Assigned for this week :
Real World Addition and Subtraction; Nouns; Context Clues
Study Island practice is directly linked to success in the 3rd grade in all areas.  Those students who persevere and conquer the topics independently build their confidence and ability to master all assessments. They are welcome to work at home but PLEASE, do not provide answers , only guidance.
Focus for this week:
Reading- theme, common and proper nouns, similes
Math- subtraction with regrouping
Social Studies- voting process and structure of government
Science- seed dispersal
Thank you for reading every day with your child, checking their homework, and keeping them on track with Study Island.  We have to work as a team , student, myself, and family,  to insure that skills are mastered and that any deficits in learning are covered and conquered.  
You are appreciated!
“A child must know that they  are  a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like them.” ~ Pablo Casals