September 14-18

Week of September 14-18th


     1/2 way through the first nine weeks!  Progress reports will be sent out soon...the expectation is that the report will be sent via email.  I will notify you the day the report is sent and would like for you to respond to the notification so that I know you have viewed the report.
     AR- by the 18th your child should have a minimum of 15 points and a test average of at least 85%.  Please have your child read DAILY at home so that they will come prepared to test at school.  AR is a vital part of building reading skills and prepping for the FSA.  
     Study Island- assignments for the week are :Spelling, Ask and Answer Questions, and North American Landmarks.  The assignments are to  be completed by Friday, the 18th.  
AR and Study Island work is included in your child's grades.  Not completing the work will result in a 0 in the grade book. 
Conferences:  Thank you to all of you that have responded and scheduled a conference.  If you have not set a date and time with me please, do so, as soon as possible!  Due to how school ended and the amount of time that the students were away, we are facing gaps that will have to be bridged and conquered!  It will take all of us -student, myself, and you , working together to insure 3rd grade success,
Focus Skills:
Reading- main idea and key details, simple and compound sentences, metaphors
Math- addition with place value, addition properties, beginning multiplication
Science- classification of plants
Social Studies- regions of the USA and states
"A child educated ONLY at school is an uneducated child.  Learn everywhere..." AELyft