Week of August 24th

Week of August 24th!

     Our 1st week of 3rd grade has been conquered!  The students were amazing as we worked through new procedures, safety measures, and beginning 3rd grade skills.  I am very proud of all of them!
     Focus for this week will include:
ELA/Reading:  sequence, visualizing as we read, realistic fiction, commands and exclamations in sentence writing ( Vocabulary and Comprehension test on Thursday; Spelling test and Cold Read on Friday)
Math: rounding to the nearest ten and hundred (chapter test on Friday)
Science:  structure and function of plants
Social Studies:  cardinal directions , creating a map
AR point and averages are entered in as a grade weekly.  Each student should earn at least 3  points a week and keep their test average at 85% or higher.
Homework is Spelling and Vocabulary practice, math page nightly, math review (will be sent home on Thursday) , and daily reading for AR.
Questions?  Concerns?  Please send me a message via Dojo, email or leave a message with the front desk for a return call.  
Thank you !
"Success comes to those who work for it!"  H. Thoreau