Erin Adams » Biography


Academic Credentials:
Bachelors of Arts in Psychology
Educational Preparation Institute program at Florida Gateway College

Career Highlights:
My teaching career began a little over 15 years ago. During that time I had the unique experience of teaching Adult Education where I became a lead teacher. There I taught many ages and grade levels, sometimes all in one classroom. This is my eighth year at Belmont Academy. Throughout these wonderful years I have helped lead the FLL Robotics team, coordinate STEM night, teach and receive certification for the Tobacco Prevention Program, and the Monique Burr Foundation (Teen Safety Matters), as well as worked with the Another Way Domestic Abuse Program. All of which have helped build great relationships and continued the journey of education for our students at Belmont Academy.

I love teaching. I have discovered that no matter whom I teach all students basically want the same thing, they want to believe in themselves! I think an overlooked job of a teacher is to help unlock the door of self doubt in the life of their students, and with hard work, guide them to swing the door open towards success.