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After careers in the printing and insurance industries, nine years ago I discovered teaching as my true calling after volunteering to help at my daughter's school led to an employment offer from the headmaster. I have not looked back and only wish I had found my way to it sooner in life.
My study of archaeology at the University of Florida, where I worked at several excavation sites in Florida and Ohio, guided me to the teaching of science and history. I like to employ hands-on projects in my classes whenever possible. This has included student archaeological excavations whenever the opportunity presents itself. I am also a big fan of educational technology and I like to enhance my classroom with cool "toys" such as a video microscope, telescopes, and a 3D printer that engage my students and keep them excited about school.
Career Highlights:
  • Middle school science, technology, and physical education instructor - Hudson Country Montessori School, New Rochelle NY 2014-2017
  • High school science and social studies instructor - Priority Placements, Brattleboro VT 2017-2021
  • 6th grade science and social studies instructor - Belmont Academy 2021 - Present
Other Highlights:
  • Member and past Vice-President of the Springfield Telescope Makers of Springfield Vermont. 
  • Coordinator, Telescope Making Workshop, Springfield Vermont 2019-2021