Week of October 3

Week of Oct 3
Jack- 28.8 points with 89% accuracy
Ariel- 24.5 points with 90% accuracy
Chance- 23.2 points with 90% accuracy
Congrats to Chance, Adelyn, Nora, Jack, Joshua, Silas, Ariel, Thomas, Laurel, and Nate on earning atleast 21 AR points with 85% accuracy this week!! WHOO HOO!
Also kudos to my study island superstars who earned 3 more blue ribbons this week by passing their lessons with atleast a 70%: Genevieve, Chance, Axton, Adelyn, Nora, Jack, Joshua, Silas, Ariel, Tommy, Laurel, and Nate.
By Friday, Oct 7- everyone should have at least 24 points with a test average of 85% or higher:) Readers are leaders...F.A.S.T. will be much easier for those that read consistently…READ, READ, READ, READ!
Those that have 24 points with 85% by Friday will earn a pizza and movie party next week! They will also be invited to our school AR party. 

Assigned for this week are:
Odd and even numbers (Math)
Theme (ELA)
Structure of Government (Social Studies)
The assignments are only worked on at school.
Focus for the week:
Reading: Theme (moral/message of a story), predictions, silent letters (scr, str, squ, thr, spl), combining sentences, 
Math: Chapter 4- Using multiplication facts to find unknown division facts
Science: The Plant Kingdom
Social Studies: Hispanic Heritage Month
Important Dates coming up: 
October 7th- End of the 1st 9 weeks (report cards to be sent home next week) 
October 8th- Fall Festival - 3pm at Belmont 
October 12th- 3rd grade field Trip!
October 14th- Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness 
October 17th-21st- Fall Break
October 27- Trunk or Treat at secondary campus 
October 28th- Early Release & $2 Jean Day
October 28th- 1st Quarter Awards (9am for 3rd grade)