I am so glad to have you all in my class this year!! I know I have done many updates on classroom dojo but also will be updating (usually the same information) on here as well. 
Here is an update on my conduct/work habit grading guideline:
Sorry for all the updates! Usually have a handbook we give out on meet the teacher but wanted to save it for Open House, which is August 25. 
Conduct and work habits will be a weekly grade and will come out to an E, S, N, or U on report cards. 
Conduct is behavior. If your child loses dojo points daily- you may see an N or U on focus for that week. So far, everyone is doing amazing and hopefully I will not have to put an N or U. 
Work habits is turning in homework daily, completing weekly study island and meeting weekly AR goal. If your child has more than one 0 in any of those categories on gradebook, their work habits grade will be lower than an E. 
Behavior guideline is this:
85%-100% dojo points = E 
75%-85% = S
60-75% = N 
Below 60%- U 
Work habits: 
More than 1 zero for the week, missing any study Island and 85-95% of AR goal met - S
2-4 zeros for the week, missing 1-2 study island and 70-85% AR goal met  - N
4+ zeros, more than 2 study island not complete and less than 70% of AR goal met- U 
Please message me if you have any questions =)