Week of August 30th!

Week of August 30th-BLOG
                                             AR ROCK STARS
Congrats to Patricia who has 13 AR points and Kaelyn and Nayson who has 12 AR points!!!! 
Friday, September 3rd-  everyone should have at least 12 points with a test average of 85% or higher.
Readers are leaders...FSA will be much easier for those that read consistently.  SO...READ,READ, READ! 
(Remember...only innovative learners may take tests at home.  Brick and mortar students must test at school.  If a test is taken at home, it will be deleted)
Assigned for this week are :  Patterns (Math)
                                                 Syllable Patterns (Reading)
                                                   Map Skills (Math)
The assignments are only worked on at school.
Focus for the week:
Reading:  Metaphors, Biography, Cause/Effect, Ask & Answering Questions, Subject, Predicate
Math:  Place Value in Addition, Properties of Addition (Quiz Thursday)
Science:  Classification of Animals
Social Studies: Oceans and Continents
Thank you to all of you that help your child at home in reading, homework, and staying on track with this 3rd grade journey.  You, as support for your child's learning, are appreciated more than you know!
"Education, school, learning is not about getting a grade.  Education, school, learning is about life skills, setting goals, struggling, working to achieve the goals... and celebrating along the way. "  AV Longfield-Smithe