Week of August 16th 🥳

What a WONDERFUL first week of 3rd grade it was! 🥳🥳

This week’s focus:

We will continue going over Knights 55 and classroom procedures.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize

Comprehension Skill: Sequence

Grammar: Commands and Exclamation

Phonics- Short e, o, u

Math: We will continue working through Chapter 1. They will havea homework sheet each night & HW is agrade. Friday will be thetest on Chapter 1.

Social Studies: Map Skills, Compass Rose, Using a Key andLegend

Homework will include Review Spelling, Vocabulary, and 3 ARpoints READ READ READ! By the end of theweek, they shouldhave 6 total points: 3 from last week and 3 this week. They mustalso have an 85% averageor higher.

Test this week:
Thursday: Vocabulary/Comprehension

Friday: Grammar, Spelling, Cold Read and Math Test.

I’m looking forward to another AMAZING week! Please let meknow if you have any questions😊

*** Friday is Picture Day. It’s encouraged to pay online.