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Academic Credentials:
Bachelor of Science in Education from University of Northern Iowa and University of South Dakota,  Majors in Special and Elementary Education
Florida Certified Elementary Education Grades K-6
Resident of Columbia County for over 29 years. Married to Todd Tyler for 42 years, with 7 children and 13 grandchildren, with 11 of those grandchildren attending Belmont Academy.

Laurie  taught in the home school and tutoring arena of education for 34 years before coming to Belmont. This is her fifth year teaching 3rd grade at Belmont Academy. The most important goal she wants the students to leave the class with is a feeling of success. Each student is talented in some area, and she hones in on that talent. No one in class “fails”, because regardless of scores and grades, students work until there is an adequate mastery. Yes, they might have failed a test, but the next day they are back working on it, making sure understanding is there. Cooperation is also a key in the classroom and that feeling of a team working together, gives the room a strong positive atmosphere.