What's 'Hop'pening

         WONDERS WARNING!!!   -   January 7, 2020         


**Beginning in January, at the start of UNIT 4  (2 school weeks from now), we will NO LONGER be able to read the weekly tests (cold reads) aloud to your child..**

This is very important for you to understand that if your child is a struggling reader, or struggles with reading, they may not continue to get the same test results as before.  


PLEASE spend MORE time reading with your child and having your child read out loud to you (following with their finger).  

You may use previous tests taken to practice these skills.  IF you have already "filed them" (in the garbage), we will be happy to provide copies.  Just let us know.



Dear Family Member:


This week our class will be focusing on how we get our food. We will also be discussing how growing things are made into food.

Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be practicing.

Word Workout

Words to Know You and your child will discuss each word and use each in a sentence about food.


  • Spelling/Phonics: variant vowel digraphs: ooHelp your child unscramble words to find the correct words on the word list. This week’s phonic sounds are oo and u, as in the words book and put.

Comprehension sequence idea:

Help your child number the sentences in the correct order to show how we get milk


Accelerated Reader:


Your child has a NEW AR goal for this 3rd nine weeks.  This AR goal is individually determined and is based on his/her STAR Reading score.  


Your child should earn at least 1.5 points a week to meet this goal in a smooth way. That is about 3 books a week.



Please be sure to have your child read at home daily and come prepared to take a test on the book(s) read.

You can always check their progress toward their goal on Home Connect Renaissance. 


Spelling Test-


Please remember to log into spellingcity.com to practice the spelling words! 

 ***Beginning the week of January 20th, we will be

                    counting wrong any spelling word that uses backward letters.***            


Weekly Test-

Our weekly test will cover skills we have learned in class. These skills can be practiced on http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do .Login using the ID cards sent home . 


My Math-

We are working on finishing Chapter 5 - with a Chapter TEST coming!  PLEASE use Connected.com to access My Math and practice their vocabulary online as well as on the cards sent home at the beginning of the chapter.

Math Vocabulary Tests, as well as the Math Test itself, equals 60% of their grade.


Please use Connected.com when you come across a difficult concept on the homework!

Math Facts in a Flash 

Your child should have mastered addition of 10 and review by now.  If they did not, they have some catching up to do, so PLEASE have them practice daily.  We do daily fact drills in the classroom.  Utilizing Math Facts in a Flash at home will give them ample opportunities to level up on our daily drills.






This 9 weeks, we will be discussing How-To writing.

We will be using transition words such as first, next, after that, then, and last or finally.  Have your child tell you "How to " do something making sure they use some of the words mentioned above.  Also, tell them don't forget an interesting introduction.  "Have you ever...?"  "Do you know how to ...?"


Science/ Social Studies 

In the next two weeks, we will be covering Living and  Non-Living Things in Science.  This is a fun unit for the class.  Lots of interesting activities.  



Important Announcement:


**************STAR Student of the Week**************



We hope that you all had a fabulous winter holiday! We are excited to get back to school and do some really good learning!


New Year Wish List:


LAMINATING SHEETS - Inexpensively found on Amazon  - 200 sheets for $18.00)


Any amount of:


18 x 24 - Black Construction paper 

18 x 24 - White Construction paper

18 x 24 - Light Blue Construction paper


Again, thanks for everything you do!

Annie Hopkins


New Book orders to be submitted end of January. 


  **Here is the online code for placing your order***

***Use class code MCR4Z ***

Your order will ship to the school and appear with your child's name on the invoice.


Again, thank you very much for your continued support.