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What's 'Hop'pening

First-grade Weekly News

Unit 3  - Week 1


***The Thanksgiving Play was a HUGE Success!!  We hope that you enjoyed a restful, family-filled-with love time this past week!***


We have 3 & 1/2 weeks of learning left before the nine weeks is over!  What a SCARY thought! 


We are rapidly approaching the time when your child will have to read all Reading test materials on his/her own.  These next few weeks will be a huge learning curve for all of them.


If your child will be absent on a test day like Friday please let us know in advance. We may be able to keep them caught up.  It is MUCH more difficult for them to have to make up the work AFTER than before.




This week our class will be focusing on the different ways we can measure time. Time can be measured by a clock, a shadow, and even an hourglass.

Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be practicing.

  • Spelling/Phonics: long a - Help your child make crossword puzzles for pairs of spelling words. This week’s phonic sound is the long sound, as in cakewave, and late.

Comprehension: character, setting, plot

Your child will identify the character, setting, and what happens in a story. Then he or she will draw a picture to show the missing part of each story

Accelerated Reader:

Our new individual AR goals for this nine weeks have been set! Please make sure that your child keeps reading! The kids are already working hard at earning the points! Keep up the great work!


*****Spelling Test-******

Please remember to log into spellingcity.com to practice the spelling words! 


******Weekly Test-*******

Our weekly test will cover skills we have learned in class.  These skills can be practiced on http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do .

Login using the ID cards sent home . 


My Math-

MATH TEST CHAPTER 3 - MONDAY (Yes, first day back!)


STUDY the VOCABULARY WORDS!!! (Click link below)




Science/ Social Studies

Unit 2-  Families Long Ago and Today

Measuring time

Making timelines and talking about the history of our earth and taking care of the earth.

Important Announcement:


***We're happy with the grades your children earned this past 9 weeks.  The work IS getting harder.  We are expecting more independent work.  This can impact their grades significantly.  Please continue to work daily with your child. If you have a child that struggles, please just know that your child will need EXTRA help and EXTRA time put in at home.  Monitor their grades via their work coming home FIRST  AND then via FOCUS.***


Mrs. Cully

Mrs. Hopkins

Mrs. Royster




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