Week of September 6th-9th

TOP AR Performer: Joseph F. 98% with 22.4 points

AR Superstars this week with 85%+ and 9 (or more points):  Oliver B., Joseph F.,  Royce H., Samantha R. Elliot T., Lilly W., 

Focus for this week will include:


Main idea and details, asking questions, simple and compound sentences, phonics: oa, ow, oe. We will continue practicing using the UNWRAP strategy.

No Vocab/comp test this week;

Cold Read on Thursday

Spelling and grammar tests on Friday.

Math: Chapter Review (Tuesday) 

**Please study at home. The reviews are almost identical to the test. If they know what is on chapter review, they will do well on the chapter test. 

Chapter Test (Wednesday)

Chapter 3 begins on Thursday.

(There will only be homework on Thursday night this week.)


Science: Animal Classification 


Social Studies: Studies Weekly Week 4: US Government- The newspaper will come home on Thursday. We will have an open "newspaper" test on Friday.



***AR points and averages are entered in as a grade weekly.  Each student should earn at least 3 points per week and keep their test average at 85% or higher. 

***By the end of this week (9/6-9/9), students should have 12 A.R. points.

***Please make sure students are reading each night within their AR level.

Study Island: Each week students will be assigned 3 study island assignments. They'll have center time, tech lab time, and free time in the class throughout the week to complete these. On Friday, we will take their best grade on the assignment and put it in the gradebook. 

This week their lessons are: 


***Central Idea and details; 

***Map Skills.

Study Island is NOT to be done at home, please.


Upcoming dates:

9/9 Progress reports sent home and emailed 

9/28 Field trip money and permission slips due

9/28 Early release/ spirit day

10/3 Picture retakes

10/8 Fall festival

10/17-10/21 Fall break 

 Questions?  Concerns?  Please send me a message via Dojo, email or leave a message with the front desk for a return call.  

Thank you !

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results." ~ Willie Nelson