Week of August 29th - September 2nd

SHOUT OUT TO THESE STUDENTS FROM MAKING 6 AR POINTS WITH 85%+ CORRECT: Oliver B., Olivia C., Danae D., Joseph F., Logan G., Royce H., Adele H., Samantha R. Elliot T., Lilly W., 

 Focus for this week will include:

ELA/Reading: Focus for this week will include:

Author’s purpose, visualizing while reading, realistic fiction, subjects in sentences, using context clues, and recognizing subjects and predicates.

Vocabulary and comprehension test this week will be on Wednesday;

Cold Read will be on Thursday

Spelling and grammar tests are on Friday.


Math: Chapter 2: Using Patterns for Foundational Multiplication Facts- Monday and Wednesday we will be doing the F.A.S.T progress monitoring, so those two days we won't have a math lesson. 

(There will only be homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights this week.)


Science: Plant Test on Tuesday

New Chapter: Animal Classification 


Social Studies: Studies Weekly Week 3: Our World- We will work through the newspaper throughout the week. The newspaper will come home on Thursday. We will have an open "newspaper" test on Friday.



***AR points and averages are entered in as a grade weekly.  Each student should earn at least 3 points per week and keep their test average at 85% or higher. 

***By the end of this week (8/29-9/2), students should have 9 A.R. points.

***Please make sure students are reading each night within their AR level.


Study Island: Each week students will be assigned 3 study island assignments. They'll have center time, tech lab time, and free time in the class throughout the week to complete these. On Friday, we will take their best grade on the assignment and put it in the gradebook. 


This week their lessons are: 

***Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers;

***Context Clues; 

***Behavioral Responses.

Study Island is NOT to be done at home, please.


Important Dates:

August 29th- F.A.S.T ELA testing

August 31st- F.A.S.T Math testing

August 31st- Early Release @ 12:45 (Jean/hat day $2)

September 2nd- Odanost Celebration (Wear blue from head to toe)

September 5th- No School/Labor Day

September 28th- Permission slips and money due for field trip

September 28th- Early Release (Jean/hat day $2)


Questions?  Concerns?  Please send me a message via Dojo, email or leave a message with the front desk for a return call.  

Thank you !

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