3rd Grade Supply List 22-23

3rd Grade Supply List 2022-2023 

1- pencil box- regular size, should be able to fit in their desk 24-#2 pencils 

4-large white erasers 

4-folders with pockets and prongs(blue, red, green, yellow) 1-1 inch binder with a clear pocket on the front; inside pockets on front and back covers 

1-dry erase eraser 

1- hand held sharpener 

1-package of 4 Expo markers 

1-package of colored pencils 

1-box of 24 Crayola brand crayons 

4- glue sticks 

1-container of hand wipes 

1-bottle of hand sanitizer 

3-boxes of tissues 

1-pair of scissors 

1-box gallon size ziploc bags (boys) 

1-box quart size ziploc bags ( girls) 

We are asking each family to purchase 1 new AR book, 3.0-5.0 range, (please use the AR book finder within the Belmont “links” to find qualifying books) to help expand the classroom libraries. Thank you! 

Personal Items 

1-reusable, refillable water bottle 

1-pair of headphones 

1-Wired mouse