Academic Achievements Abound at Belmont Academy

1/8/19 – 1/11/19

Belmont Academy recognized many outstanding students for their first semester accomplishments, during this first week of school after  after winter vacation.

Students returned from winter break on Tuesday, January 8. They excitedly reunited with friends and faculty after this two week recess.

The end of the week was highlighted with an AR goal party and a secondary honor roll party to celebrate the success of many hard working students.

The first semester AR Goal Party was held on Thursday morning. Elementary and sixth grade students who met their AR goals were invited to attend Breakfast to celebrate with friends and get to better know their principal, Mr. Barker.  Students enjoyed the delicious food and their deserved recognition.

The Honor Roll Party was held for secondary students in the cafeteria at the end of the day Friday. To be eligible to attend, students must have received only A’s and B’s for the first and second grading periods. It was a proud moment for the students in attendance, their teachers and principal.

The Winter Bash will be held on Saturday. Check in next week for pictures of the event and more exciting news from Belmont Academy Charter School. Click the link below to check out the Belmont Weekly News videos and our other video projects:


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