Belmont’s Bravest Join the Battle of the Brains

12/3/18 - 12/7/18

Belmont Academy’s fifth graders competed in the Columbia County Battle of the Brains competition on Tuesday, December 4 at the Columbia County School District Auditorium.

Belmont’s heroic competitors included Jevany Laverdure, Chelsie Johnson, Ryan Stewart and Aarav Gandhi. Their teachers and four star generals of this brainy battle were Betsy Spradley and Larana Wingate.

The Battle of the Brains is a quiz-based competition that tests players on a wide variety of academic subjects. Three students at a time competed against another school. There were nine rounds in total. The top four schools with the most points went to the championship rounds.

The event was organized by Brie Demott, the Assistant to Instructional Services for Columbia County School System. She was appreciative to all of the Columbia County schools who participated in the event.

“Thank you all for dedicating your time to these kids and this event. I know it is a lot of work, but it is a great opportunity to bring the elementary schools together and have some fun,” said Demott.  

In other news, Belmont Student Government attended the district two meeting at Suwannee High School on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, Elementary students got a front row seat on career day, when a Life Flight helicopter landed in the open and spacious field by the main entrance to the campus.  Columbia County Sherriff’s office and the Columbia County Fire Rescue Department also attended the event. Students excitedly cheered as the helicopter touched down, just before dismissal. The event left students with a sense of excitement for the many opportunities that await their future.

On Friday, there was a cup stacking tournament at Columbia County High School. Check in again next week for updates and pictures of this event and more. We hope you enjoy the pictures of this week’s events and thanks for reading!