Belmont Academy Hits the Bullseye with Archery and the PTO Breakfast

Week of: 9/15/18 – 9/21/18

Belmont Archery wraps up their pre-season practice this week, resulting in many able archers ready to take aim when the regular season begins in November.

The archery program is led by shooting enthusiasts and former teachers, Janice and Chuck Vannelli. They have been with Belmont Archery for two years and helped start the program. They also taught here for four years and retired in 2017.

Archery has been growing in popularity at Belmont Academy. It is due in large part to the commitment and enjoyment that the Vannelli’s have for the sport.

Mrs. Vannelli said, “About 75 students have showed an interest in trying out for the archery team this year. It is a sport of our passion. We shoot at home. We have shot for competition too. We love shooting and we love passing it on to students. We are so excited to bring archery to Belmont.”

Mr. Vannelli believes that this is a sport everyone can participate in and that it helps children in more ways than you may think.

“It helps kids focus. Not just on shooting but on grades too. This is an all-around equality sport. I don’t care if you’re a big burly guy or a little person. The little person will out shoot you all day long. Everyone is equal in this sport and it teaches kids to be team players,” said Mr. Vanelli.

Even though archery is winding down until November, Belmont’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is just warming up.

The PTO held their Meet, Greet and Eat Breakfast on Saturday, September 15th.  It was a big success and gave many families a chance to get to know each-other while enjoying a delicious meal. 

At the event, Rob Summerall, President of the PTO, spoke enthusiastically about the program.

Summerall said the breakfast was “a chance to meet, greet and eat with each other, so we can become familiar with the families that we will be with for the next several years as our students go through this school and so that our children can come together and hang out with people that will very likely be their friends the rest of their lives.”

The event was a team effort, with PTO members and school staff lending a hand to pull off the big breakfast. The tables were beautifully decorated and there were fun science activities for kids. Science teacher, Ms. Valerie Ledford, set up multiple displays and projects. They were titled Wind Powered Cars, Bridge Building, and a wildlife Observation Station. Students loved the activities and could be seen crowding around her displays while she guided them in hands on learning.  

The PTO has another event coming soon. They will be hosting the Donuts With Dads, Take Your Child To School event on Wednesday, September 26th at 7:00 AM. It will be another great opportunity for parents to come together at Belmont Academy to show support for their children and be a part of the school community.