Cool Running!

Our Journalism staff caught up with some talented students. Reese Todd (4th Grade, 2nd from left), Kendall Todd (5th Grade, 3rd from left) and Vanessa Todd (6th Grade right) qualified for the Junior Olympics during their Cross Country season this year. Temperature in Wisconsin during the contest are expected to be in the 20's! Reporter Anna Carrender asked them about some of their preparation. Hear what these students have done to be ready for the cold.
We will follow up with them after the meet. Good luck to all three of them!

The Todd girls went to Wisconsin to participate in the Track and Junior Olympics. The Olympics consisted off 300 plus participants. They didn't place very well because of the circumstances they were placed in. It was 20 degrees when they went to run. They were trying very hard although being very cold. It was hard for them to overcome the cold but they did it and worked to get there. Their hard work most definitely paid off congrats girls.


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