STEM Night a Huge Success

On Wednesday , November 13th,  Belmont Academy hosted a STEM night on campus! This consisted of projects that students of all ages in the campus worked on together. A lot of hard work was put into their presentations and they yielded great results.

Teachers and students enjoyed the STEM night, which took the place of the science fair. Students loved that they got to work with friends on their project. Mrs. Pitman, high school science teacher at Belmont, said “My classes said that the stem night was less stressful, they learned more, and felt more involved. My chemistry, anatomy, biology, and AP biology classes had a big participation rate.” It was a huge success. Ella Sparks, a high school student at Belmont, says “I enjoyed the STEM night over the science fair because you were not required to do the same thing you have done for the past five years.”

BY Anna Carrender

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