Bahamas relief


This is a few house members moving water cases around for the Bahamas. Each house gains point for water bottle cases being brought in, the house with the most wins.


Camp Anderson is located in Dixie County. They are serving as a location for many of the displaced families that have been displaced due to Hurricane Dorian. Camp Anderson has asked for water as this is the number one item needed for families.

Belmont Academy turned this into a HOUSE CHALLENGE. Each house is encouraged to bring water through OCTOBER 11.

Students in Mrs. TIllotson’s 7th grade civics class and Coach Tillotson’s second block PE class helped load a truck full of water which was delivered on Tuesday, Oct 2. The smiles on their faces were priceless as the truck pulled in with the much-needed water! Thanks to our students at Belmont for helping those in need!

Source: Mrs . Tillotson