FSA Ready at Belmont Pep Rally!

Elementary level students filled the Belmont cafeteria on May 26, where teachers, staff and other students psyched them up for success on this year’s FSA test.

Event organizer and third grade teacher, Stephanie Pierce, expressed the importance of instilling confidence in students. She also discussed how students had a chance to motivate each other at the event.

"Having the chance to build our students up before testing is such a pleasure and only benefits us as teachers! The kids worked together to present songs and skits for their peers and did such a great job,” said Pierce.

The event ended with special teacher recognition of Principal Barker for his outstanding work and leadership at Belmont Academy this year.

“We ended the event with a teacher made spoof of "Don't Stop Believin'" and presented a gift to our principal. I think it is really important to stop and say thank you at this time of year. Mr. Barker carries the weight of the school on his shoulders and that job can be very burdensome. The entire staff contributed to purchasing him a nice gift and filling out a card as a way of showing appreciation for all of his efforts this year,” Pierce stated.

Students left the event excited and ready for another successful testing season. We hope you enjoy the pictures of the pep rally!