Belmont Goes Broadway with Friday Play



Students attended a production of The Meeting: A Conversation Between Martin and Malcolm, on Friday at the Belmont Academy cafeteria.


The play was written by Jeff Stetson and performed by cast from Gainesville’s Star Center Theater. The play was was a dialogue between civil rights activists, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. The performance explored the differing perspectives of these leaders with regard to the proper path to human equality.


The event was coordinated by Befaithful Coker, a parent of one of Belmont Academy’s honor students.  At the end of the play, Ms. Coker expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share this experience with the staff, students and faculty.


“Thank you for allowing me to share something beautiful with you,” said Coker.


According to the organization's website, "The Star Center Theatre, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing arts education and performance opportunities to area youth and their families since 2000. The program is designed to educate both preschool and K-12 students. Star Center also offers special programs for adults and families. Students learn about techniques and skills used in the performing arts and receive hands-on experience in technical theatre.  The program is rooted in education and promotes inclusion in the school curriculum."

Their website also states that "The Star Center is well-known in the Gainesville community and has received several awards both locally and state-wide, such as the SPOTLIGHT ON YOUTH AWARD (local), and the GOVERNOR’S AWARD FOR INVESTMENT IN YOUTH (statewide)."


We hope you enjoy the pictures from the play.