Belmont Has a Big Heart for the American Heart Association


Belmont Academy raised $4,016 in donations for the American Heart Association through participation in the Kids Heart Challenge, February fundraiser.

These results far exceeded expectations. This is very exciting to Coach Sibberson, who has been leading the fundraising efforts at Belmont Academy for this event for the past two years. .

“We doubled our goal of $2,000!   Way to go, Belmont!  This is a perfect example of teamwork,” said Sibbernsen.

The proceeds of this fundraiser are used to fund research into diseases involving the heart and blood vessels and educational materials.

“The Kids Heart Challenge was a February, ‘heart month,’ fundraiser.  The money Belmont raised was sent to fund potentially lifesaving research into heart and blood vessel diseases.  It also supports the development of educational materials, that teach the importance of heart health and staying physically fit. In short, Belmont joined the fight against our Nation's #1 killer, cardiovascular disease and stroke,” said Sibbersen

Sibbernsen has been an active proponent of this program for years, following the loss of a family member.

"The American Heart Association is a charitable cause which I have supported for many years following my father's sudden heart attack and stroke," Sibbernsen stated. 

Belmont Academy would like to thank all of the staff and students who helped make this fundraising effort a huge success.  The gesture will surely touch many hearts.