Belmont Academy Student Leads Talk on School Safety


11th grade student, Savannah Metelus, spoke about her experiences with the Parkland shooting on Friday, at an assembly for the middle and high school students.

Savannah’s mother and Officer Bulthuis also spoke. Savannah captivated the students as she retold the events of her day on February 14, 2018. At the end of her speech, she outlined the flaws in the safety measures at Parkland and offered advice on how these types of situations can be prevented. Some of the suggestions included early identification of students who are having abnormal behaviors and offering such individuals caring support and interventions. Other suggestions included infrastructure modifications schools should make including fences and locked gates as well as regular practice drills where students go through simulated lockdown procedures, so that everyone knows exactly what to do in a crisis situation.  Belmont Academy is leading the way in campus safety and is grateful to Savannah, her mother and Officer Bulthuis, for sharing this story with the students.  The talks created first hand student awareness of an important situation in our country and state. Hearing this story from one of their peers will help students understand the importance of the drills, kindness and awareness and will play an important role in keeping Belmont Academy the safe haven that it is.