All Colors of the Rainbow Brighten Faces at the Belmont Fun Run and Color Blast


The Belmont Fun Run fundraiser got students  some fun in the sun, with many running up to 2 miles to collect pledge donations to benefit classrooms.

The event jumped into action at 8 am on Friday, with each class taking a turn  to run laps for an hour, around an oval track, created at the Belmont recreation field.  Everything was staged the day before, including a massive inflatable starting and finishing line.  Music got kids moving and announcers lead kids in games such as Race a Friend, Walk with a Friend, Family Laps, skipping and dancing laps and more. Kids laughed and played as they rounded turn after turn.

All Belmont students came to the field at 2:00 pm to celebrate the grand finale, the Color Blast.  The Color Blast started with each class taking one final lap around the track, as they got “blasted” with packets and cups of colored powder. Blue, pink yellow and all of the colors of the rainbow could be seen bursting onto the track, as staff, parents and volunteers helped create colorful clouds for kids to run through.

After the victory lap, students got their own individual color packet and got ready for the final countdown. After a three… two… one… an explosion of colors and cheers burst into the sky as students simultaneously released the powder over their heads, allowing it to rain down and cover the field and people in an haze of color. As the dust settled, multicolored students emerged, looking like the canvases of impressionistic paintings.

The day ended as students posed with friends and family for pictures, packed up their things and departed for home with enough memories to share all weekend.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of today’s festivities.