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Academic Credentials:

Certification in Elementary Education K-6

ESOL Endorsed

Reading Endorsed

Masters Degree, Elementary Education /Reading


Career Highlights:

Mrs. Royster has taught all grades K-5 in her 20 years of teaching, focusing in K-3. She has served as a mentor for beginning teachers and interns, facilitator for professional development trainings, and acted as an advisor for college course development.


Mrs. Royster loves the art of learning and teaching children of all ages. Challenging and encouraging students to see and reach their potential is her lifelong goal. She is a wife, mother of 2 daughters, and has 6 wonderful grandchildren. She loves music, reading, decorating, re-purposing and keeping alive her sense of wonder, curiosity and learning!



Welcome to 3rd grade!

2020-2021 will begin on August 17th !   I am so joyful that our students will have the opportunity to be with their friends, join in the learning fun, and start the adventure in 3rd grade.  
Our daily schedule will be as  follows:

7:45-8:45 ELA

8:45-9:15     Grammar

9:20-10:05    Specials

10:05-10:4     Writing/Centers

10:40-11:40   Math

11:40-12:20   Social Studies

12:20-12:50   Lunch

12:50-1:30      Science

1:30-1:50       Recess

1:55-2:25      ELA Spiral Review

2:25-2:45      Dear Time 

2:45-3:15       Dismissal


Please join the Meet the Teacher Meeting online, Thursday, August 13th @ 11:30 a.m.  The link is available via your recent email from me.

I am looking forward to the 17th and to a spectacular year in 3rd grade!

Knights Always!

Mrs. Royster




Week of March 9th

     Nearing the finish line for the 3rd nine weeks and approaching Spring Break!   84% of the class has already conquered their AR goal; the ones remaining can easily reach their goal!  Please make sure your child is reading daily at home.
      Focus Skills:
Science:  Animal Research Project
Math: Reading, Interpreting, and Using Data graphs (vertical and horizontal), pictographs, tally charts
Reading/ELA:  making predictions, determining a theme, historical fiction genre, adjectives
Social Studies: Being a good citizen (assessments) 
     Goals for the Week:
AR- 25 points by Friday, the 13th of March
SI- at least 3 more blue ribbons in Florida Programs
Multiplication Sundae Challenge reward will be this Friday-the more that has been conquered, the more "goodies" that can be added for the sundae! Please continue to review and practice at home!
FSA: We will continue to review and practice.  The ELA portion will be given on April 1st and 2nd.  The test is given in 80 minute blocks, with a short break at the 40 minute mark. The test will be pencil and paper , which is to your child's advantage. It will be of the utmost importance that your child is on time, had breakfast,  and had a great night's rest!
FYI- Math FSA is May 11th and 12th:)
The link for the Field Trip payment is active and online via the Belmont site.  Please let me know should you have questions.
Thank you for all that you do for your child to help them be successful at school and in life.  You are their first and lifelong teacher..."Kids don't always remember what you say to them, they will remember what they see in you every day".  JHenson

Week of March 2nd

     A little brag time on our class...Friday was class picture day and due to the weather there was an extremely long delay. When our turn came, the class put down what they were doing, put on coats and jackets, and braved the chill. They were so flexible and great troopers through it all.  These students are a wonderful group of future leaders !
     Skills Focus:
Reading/ELA:  myth, drama, adjectives, pronouns and verb agreement, reviewing the use of prefix and suffix
Math: measurement including liter, milliliter, gram, kilogram, elapsed time;multiplication facts through the 12's -daily practice and timed fact check
Science: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- we are in the process of making a "quilt" to share ideas and findings on the 3 R's
Social Studies: wrapping up citizenship study
     Sidenote:  I've noticed that several of the students do not know the months of the year in order.  They are facing math questions that have things such as "six months after August", "three months before December",etc. and are struggling.  We will review it in class but please practice at home as well:)     
     FSA PREP:  We have begun talking about the FSA more, answering questions that the class might have, and talking it up as a positive opportunity to "show what you know".  We will begin a daily review of test taking strategies and ELA skills.
     AR will end March 13th for this nine weeks. Please make sure you are tracking your child's progress toward their goal, 25 points and at least an 85% test average.
     Study Island- 3 blue ribbons in Florida Programs for the week.  If your child has earned all the blue ribbons in 3rd grade Florida Programs then other opportunities will be opened for them within Study Island and other sites.
     "It is not what you do for your children , but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings." ALanders 
     Thank you for all that you do to inspire character, honesty, and responsibility in your child.  Ten, fifteen, twenty years from now success for your child will be measured by their integrity,  how they treat others, and their self-respect.

Week of February 18th

     Kudos to Moriah, the 1st student to reach her AR goal this 9 weeks!  Hats off to Orion, Pihu, Parker, Michael, Kaylie, Arden, and Cael - 100 or more blue ribbons in Study Island!  
     The students are doing a fantastic job presenting their cereal box book reports:) We are practicing public speaking skills and audience manners as each person presents.  Please remember to send in the book that was read for the book report!
      Skills Focus:
Reading:  ask and answer questions, author's point of view, biography genre, possessive pronouns
Math: fractions on a number line, fractions representing part of a collection/set, equivalent fractions  (The class is mastering these in a marvelous way!)
Science: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; conservation 
Social Studies:  Being a Great Citizen
1.)  AR points should be at 21 this week; 3 more blue ribbons on SI (If your child has mastered all the ribbons then they could work on US Programs in SI, 4th grade SI, or ALEKS.)
2.) POKEMON cards should NOT be brought to or traded at school.  The cards become a distraction and sometimes a source of disagreement.
3.) Beginning with this week's Mystery Read, the grading will be done to mirror FSA grading.  Example- if there are 2 parts to a question then BOTH parts must be correct to receive credit for the question.  If it is a question that requires 2 answers, both answers must be correct.  I know this seems tough however; we are to the point that we have to laser focus on prep for the test.  We will be practicing for the test to get everyone accustomed to the format, style of questions, and review of key concepts. 
 The fundamental level of success is tackling the hard things first, after that everything will seem easier.  RAllen

Week of February 10th

     Thank you for the help, guidance, and encouragement you gave to your child as they created their cereal box book reports.  The finished products were creative, unique, and fun to see!  Each student will present their report to the class beginning Monday, the 10th.
     Please remember, we have a teacher workday on Friday, the 14th and no school on Monday, the 17th, in honor of President's Day.
     Focus Skills for this week:
Reading:  ask and answer questions ( asking questions as they read and wonder about events or people in the story), author's point of view, expository text, pronoun-verb agreement
Math: fractions, numerator, denominator, parts of a whole, representing parts of a set and collection, multiplication practice 
Science:  thermal energy and a review of force and motion, STEM challenge on Thursday
Social Studies: continue research on state projects-goal is completion by Thursday
AR- 18 points by Friday, Study Island- 3 blue ribbons or if SI is finished then master 3 topics in ALEKS!
FSA-We are beginning to talk about the test, a little bit, no major emphasis yet! I like to gradually approach the subject of the actual test taking...I never want a child to think that their capabilities or talents are tied with the results of the test. My goal is to have each child know that when they give their best, take their time, and  THINK , then the test will be conquered!
Please encourage your child to read every day, practice on Aleks and SI for a few minutes daily, and check over their homework with you !  
Please check your emails from the front office to keep up with all the events happening at Belmont!  BTW...if  you have a moment, check out our door and the creativity of our class:)
"Every child is a different flower, all together they make a glorious, majestic garden of life."  AMilne

Week of February 3

     Literacy Week was a fun-filled success!  The class enjoyed all the theme days and did a fantastic job on our door.  They created all the illustrations, typed the write-ups themselves, and chose the focus pieces.  They are creative, have great understanding of our chapter books, and are fun to collaborate with on projects!
     Things to Remember:
*Cereal Box Book Reports are due this Friday, Feb. 7th-it will count as a quiz grade for ELA
*Box tops are due Feb. 13th :)
*Field Trip forms and payment are due by April 30th
     Goals for the Week:
AR- 15 points by Friday the 7th
3 more Study Island blue ribbons
Time on ALEKS at home- a little at a time to sharpen and advance math skills
Reading/ELA:  Summarize, homographs, point of view, pronouns, opinion writing 
Math:  Multiplication and Division Strategies, Multi-step Word Problems, 
Multiplication Quiz through the 12's on Thursday
Social Studies:  State Research Project (will be completed at school)
Science:  finishing up Properties of Matter study- test on Wednesday! Books will go home on Tuesday evening for review. 
Thank you for being diligent in reading daily with your child, working on homework, supporting and encouraging them!  You are appreciated!

Week of January 20th

     Congratulations to the 3rd grade for being in the lead of the Golden Knight challenge for lunchroom behavior!  We are competing against 4th and 5th grade and , according to Mr. Sloan, are "showing them how it should be done"!  Also, kudos to all those students who earned Honor Roll awards:)  You showed true Belmont Knight spirit with your hard work and excellence.
     Focus Skills:
Reading: poetry, repetition and rhyme, theme, irregular verbs 
Math: properties of division and multiplication (associative, commutative, and distributive)
Science: properties of matter, chemical and physical change
Social Studies: states and regions of the United States
     Goals for the Week:
3 more blue ribbons in Study Island and a total of 9 AR points with an average of 85% or higher
     We are in need of wide-ruled notebook paper!  If you can, please send in a package or two for the class to use.  Thank you!
     Scholastic Book orders are due by next Friday, the 24th.  The orders benefit your child individually and the class with the points earned.  I use the points solely to stock the classroom shelves with more books!
     Please be sure to check the school calendar for a variety of upcoming events!  
Thank you for teaching your child a standard of excellence and teamwork!  Your example as a family will make a lifelong difference for your child:)

Week of January 13th

     We are back in "school mode" now and the students are showing growth, more independence, and tremendous thinking. Since they love to ask questions, we have plenty of opportunities to discover even more and try new strategies and "another way to do this is...".
Skills Focus:
Math:  Chapter Test on Multiplication and Division Strategies on TUESDAY, the 14th- review pages will be sent home on Monday.  Please sign and return the review pages so that your child can receive extra Dojo points.
After the test, we will begin learning about properties and equations using multiplication and division.   
Reading:  Re-reading as a comprehension strategy, cause and effect, complex sentences, and understanding/recognizing expository text
Science: Matter, properties of matter
Social Studies: states and regions of the United States
Goals for the Week:  3 blue ribbons in Study Island; 3 AR points for a total of 6 
Belmont Knight Character Trait for the month is TEAMWORK!
A new challenge has been issued from Mr. Sloan on lunchroom behavior.  A golden helmet symbol will be awarded to our class when they demonstrate excellent behavior at lunch.  When we accumulate more helmets than anyone else , in a month, we will earn a class treat!
Thank you for encouraging and supporting your child in their quest for success in the 3rd grade:)  Your time with them is making lasting memories and a wonderful impression!

Welcome to 2020!

     Welcome back to school and the bright, wonder-filled opportunities of 2020!
My goal this week for my class is to jump into the New Year with STEM challenges, thought provoking reading, random acts of kindness, and the continued push for excellence in all academics.
     Many events are coming up this week- report cards go home on Friday, AR party for those who reached their goal in the 1st semester also on Friday, and STAR reading assessment during Tech Lab on Wednesday, the 8th.
      Skill Focus:
Reading:  Re-reading as a comprehension strategy ; compare and contrast to notice details in the story; main and helping verbs; expository text
Math: Multiplication and division strategies - breaking apart (decompose) numbers to work with smaller products and quotients
Science: Forms and Properties of Matter
Social Studies: Regions of the United States with the idea of knowing the states and their placement 
Please note:
1. The AR goal for everyone is 25 points/85% average. We are aiming for around 3 points per week to stay on track.
2. We will need 5 rolls of aluminum foil for a STEM activity on Friday. Please let me know if you can send one!
3. As you're organizing around the house , would you please be on the lookout for any Belmont and/or Royster library books and kindly return them?   Thank you!
4. Box Tops are due February 13th:)
Our Belmont Knight focus characteristic this month is - TEAMWORK! Everyone pulling together and pulling their share of the load for success:)
I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and hearing about their Winter Break adventures!

Week of December 16th

1/2 way through 3rd grade- the time has gone by at an unbelievable pace!
A few shout outs- William and Cael have conquered all the 3rd grade skills in ALEKS and are now working on 4th grade mastery:) Landon became determined that he would overcome as many blue ribbons as possible in 1 day, worked as late as his family would allow and earned 17 blue ribbons!  Kylee has worked tirelessly  earning her AR goal and succeeded by a mile!  I am so proud of them and all of the students that work independently to achieve and surpass their goals.
Focus for the Week:
NO HOMEWORK THIS WEEK except for AR!  If your child has not met their AR goal of 25 points with a test average of 85% or higher they still have 4 days to achieve it!
Reading: Intensive review of main idea and key details; point of view
Math: Multiplication and Division Strategies
Science: Complete unit on Force and motion; open book test - the book will be sent home MONDAY night for review
Social Studies: Complete cultural tradition studies 
Dates to Remember:
Friday, Dec. 13th, TONIGHT-  Daddy-Daughter Dance
Wednesday, Dec. 18th- CULTURAL FEAST for 3rd grade only 
Thursday, Dec. 19th-  END of the 2nd Nine Weeks
                                    Last day for AR goal reaching
                                    WInter Games at School 
Winter Break, Friday, Dec. 20th- Monday, January 6th
Tuesday, Jan. 7th-  Students return to school

Week of November 18th

Thank you to all of you that participated in STEM Night!  All the students loved the activities and asked for another STEM Night:)  Points were rewarded to all the 3rd grade students that helped teach others about static friction. 
Focus Skills:
Reading - Summarizing, Sequencing, Expository Text, Combining Sentences with Verbs
Math- Strategies for Multiplication and Division; multiplication facts 7's and 8's 
Social Studies- Early Explorers to America- De Leon
Science- finish up Forms of Energy, review, and test on Friday (using notes and text book)
Goals for this week:
AR- 15 points/85% or higher average
Study Island- 50 blue ribbons by Friday
Dates to remember:
Saturday, November 16th, cleaning and fence work day
Thanksgiving Break, November 25-29
Gratitude makes what is excellent in others, also exist in ourselves.
Enjoy and treasure the break with your family and friends.  Make memories to last a lifetime, take pictures, share stories, nothing is a better gift than the gift of family. 

Week of November 11th

Halfway through the 2nd 9 weeks! The class is showing progress in leaps and bounds, working more independently every day, and setting tremendous goals for themselves.  I am extremely proud of them and growth that they are exhibiting in every area.
Focus Skills:
Reading- Summarize, Main Idea and Key Details, Expository Text, Future-Tense Verbs
Math- Multiplication and Division Strategies
Science-Types of Energy
Social Studies- Early North American Explorers
Dates to Remember:
Monday, November 11th         No School- Veteran's Day
Wednesday, November 13th  Progress Reports 
                                                   STEM Night
Monday-Friday November 25th-29th Fall Break 
AR- 15 points by November 15th
Study Island- 75 blue ribbons by winter break-focus on the reading/language arts skills
Belmont Character Trait for Nov.- Gratitude
"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success, is the support of their parents- love, encourage, discipline, and laughter."  JD Hull

Week of November 4th

     Spirit Week was a success!  The students loved all the activities, chance to dress up, and the opportunity to help their houses earn points. Thank you for all you did to help your child participate and show school spirit!
     Focus Skills :
Reading:  main idea and key details,  expository text, past tense verbs, summarize
Math: Patterns in multiplying and dividing, multiplication facts of 6's and 7's -quiz on Thursday
Science: Types of energy
Social Studies:  early explorers to North America
     CAN DRIVE !!!     As of Friday, we have collected 81 items, which is wonderful :)  Our goal is 300 so we still need as many as you can send in.  Thank you for all that you've donated so far.
     STUDY ISLAND- Goal of 75 ribbons by winter break, Thursday, Dec. 19th
     AR-12 points  by Friday, Nov. 8th
     FALL FESTIVAL and A Celebration on Nov. 8th-starts at 5:30 p.m. - Please bring your families and join in the fun!
     STEM Night -Nov. 14th- more info to come:) this will be an evening of hands on activities centered on discovery  learning
                            Knight Character Trait for November:
"Gratitude and attitude are not challenges, they are choices".  R. Braathe
Thank you for being role models to your children in work ethic, integrity, and compassion.  What you live in front of them speaks louder than any words you can ever speak. 

Week of October 28th

     Welcome back !  I hope all of you had time to rest, relax, and build memories with your families over the fall break.   This week will hold a ton of learning and fun combined for everyone.  It's Red Ribbon and Spirit Week !  Please see the rules that apply to Spirit Week dressing sent in an email from the front office.  Participation is optional but encouraged :)  
     Spirit Week:
Monday- Matching Monday- choose someone or a group of friends and dress alike
Tuesday- Team Day -dress in support of your favorite sports team
Wednesday-  Wacky Wednesday-  the title says it all- dress wacky!
Thursday- Throwback Thursday- choose an era and represent it:)
Friday- Family Friday- dress in your house colors
Focus Skills :
Reading :  Cause and Effect, Summarizing, Present Tense Verbs, Subject-Verb Agreement, Idioms (It's raining cats and dogs, Don't bite off more than you can chew, I have butterflies in my stomach, etc.)
Math:  Patterns in multiplication and division; memorizing 5's and 6's multiplication facts
Science: finish scientific method study begin types of energy
Social Studies: finish up government study begin explorers that settled North America
           NINE AR POINTS BY FRIDAY !  9, nine, 6 +3=9,  NINE!
Canned Food Drive October 28th- November 8th.  This is a wonderful way to reinforce the character trait of compassion and empathy.  We will be setting a class goal for a number of cans to collect.  We will vote on a reward when we reach our goal:) 
If you have not scheduled a conference with me yet ,please do so.  Feel free to bring your child with you:) We are all in this 3rd grade journey together!
            Belmont Knight Character Trait for October- Integrity
“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Week of October 14th

   The theme for this week's reading is "Be Unique"!  We want to celebrate all the different talents, personalities, and characteristics that make every person uniquely them.  We have amazing artists, writers, organizers, mathematicians, readers, techies , and many more in our classroom.  It is a community of sharing strengths and weaknesses to build one another up.  
Reading: Problem and Solution, visualizing as we read, understanding folktales, action verbs, review of possessives
Math: Continuing division particularly as the inverse of multiplication, quiz on 3's and 4's on Thursday
Science: scientific method with the purpose of setting up an experiment following the scientific method steps
Social Studies: local, state, and federal government 
     Note this:
*AR- 6 points by Friday, the 18th; many have already passed the 6 point mark and are well on their way to meeting their goal!
*Grammar Quizzes- the class will only have a grammar quiz every two weeks rather than every week.  I feel that they do not have sufficient time to grasp a new skill and test on it every week.  I am going to bundle the skills, review more, and test every other week.
*Box Tops are due by this Friday, the 18th
*1st Quarter Awards , FRIDAY, the 18th, 1:45-2:30 pm in the lunchroom
*Fall Break, October 21-25
Thank you for all that you do for your child!  Your help in reading nightly, studying, practicing, and uplifting your child makes success always in sight for them.
                                            Knight's focus- Integrity         
                          "Wrong is wrong, even if everyone else is doing it.                   
                            Right is right, even is no one else is doing it."