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Academic Credentials:

Certification in Elementary Education K-6

ESOL Endorsed

Reading Endorsed

Masters Degree, Elementary Education /Reading


Career Highlights:

Mrs. Royster has taught all grades K-5 in her 20 years of teaching, focusing in K-3. She has served as a mentor for beginning teachers and interns, facilitator for professional development trainings, and acted as an advisor for college course development.


Mrs. Royster loves the art of learning and teaching children of all ages. Challenging and encouraging students to see and reach their potential is her lifelong goal. She is a wife, mother of 2 daughters, and has 6 wonderful grandchildren. She loves music, reading, decorating, re-purposing and keeping alive her sense of wonder, curiosity and learning!



Last Post for 3rd grade !

     It is difficult and heart rendering to comprehend but,  this is the last post for our 3rd grade year together.  We are not officially finished until Friday, May 28th.  I will complete posting grades by June 2nd.  We are still working, reading Maniac Magee, earning more AR points and blue ribbons in Study Island!   "It's not over until it's over" :)
     Upcoming Events:
Monday, May 24th...AR Party for all those students that made their AR goals every quarter! 
Tuesday, May 25th...Study Island "Camp Out" for those students that earned all their 3rd grade blue ribbons
Wednesday, May 26th...CAMP KULAQUA ...if you are not attending as a chaperone then I will be assigning each child to a chaperone.  I am not leaving anything to chance!
Thursday, May 27th...3rd grade awards at Christian Church Fellowship, 9:15 a.m. ; pizza luncheon for all the students that met their 4th quarter AR goals
Friday, May 28th ...last day of school...we will be sending home A LOT of items so please make sure that your child comes with an empty book bag!  Also, we will be eating lunch in the room and making "mud" for everyone! (The kids will explain "mud").
     We have faced and overcome a difficult and transitional year.  From start dates, covid19, quarantines and the like, these students have proven that they have resilience and the intelligence to face and conquer challenges that are thrown at them!  They have made jokes out of the "trolls" working above our heads, room floods that happened multiple times, a computer that glitched and groused at every turn; they just were wonderful at every turn!

Week of May 17th

     We have conquered the 3rd grade round of FSA tests!  The class handled the pressure like champions. Our math proctor remarked how calm and focused all of the students were and that they appeared confident.  Kudos to all of them!
     REMEMBER: Items being donated for our field trip on Tuesday, May 18th, should be at school by Monday, the 17th.  We very much appreciate all of you that are giving to make this a wonderful experience for our students. 
     Field Trip- May 18th
     House Summer Games- May 19th - dress in your house color from head to         toe!
     Camp Kulaqua Trip - May 26th
     3rd Grade AWARDS- May 27th
     Last Day of School- May 28th 
     4th quarter AR goal, all Study Island Blue Ribbons, and  3rd grade ALEKS need to be finished by May 25th.  Finishing will count toward the awards presentations!
     We are working on 4th grade skills, starting to prep for next year!  We want to give our kids a head start on their new adventure:)
     Please message me should you have questions!

Week of May 10th

     The next few days and weeks are going to be full, fun, and fantastic!  
This Week:
Math FSA- Wed. and Thurs. , May 12th and 13th
Please remember to send in those sweet treats!
Next Week:
Field Trip at School- Tues., May 18th 
Thanks to all of you that have signed up to donate items for this experience.  Remember to make your payment on line and return the permission form. 
Last Week of School:
Tues.,May 25th-Study Island "Camp Out" for all students that have achieved all blue ribbons with a 70% or higher
Wed., May 26th-Camp Kulaqua trip. Remember to make your payment on line and return the permission form.  Chaperones are more than welcome! Since this is a swimming event , the more adults on hand , the better!
Thurs., May 27th- Awards Program - I will forward a definitive time asap.
Study Island- There are 4 assignments for this week however; I told the class to "go for it"!  Any ribbons not earned should be completed by May 25th in order to attend the "camp out".
AR- 25 points with a minimum  85% test average by May 26th.
Homework- I will send a notice by Dojo is homework is being sent home for the day.  
We are closing in on the finish line!  If you have any questions, please message me on Dojo or email me.   Thank you!

Week of May 3rd

Home stretch for finishing up 2020-2021!  We are approaching the Math FSA ,  completing 106 Study Island blue ribbons, 25 AR points for the quarter, and 2 field trips!  
Sweet Treats for Your Sweet Child!  Please send in 2 favorite treats labeled with your child's name for the days of the Math FSA (May 13th and 14th).  I will send home a large envelope for you to return the treats.  Please have them to me by May 10th, Monday.  If you'd prefer to drop them by the front office I can pick them up:)   If you would like to send in another set of notes for those days the students would love that as well!  
Reading: We are beginning a book study on Maniac Magee.  There will not be a spelling or vocabulary list.  PLEASE have your child read every night and be ready to test the next day.  STUDY ISLAND- Recalling Information and Editing;
AR-18 points/85% average by Friday, May 7th
Math: Geometric Shapes and Attributes; Review all 3rd grade skills; ALEKS;
Homework packet will be sent home on Monday with 1 additional page nightly.
Social Studies: Study Island- post test; completion of biography research (many are already finished); begin countries of the world study
Science: complete final force and motion assessment; balloon races for force and motion investigation 
FIELD TRIP FORMS AND PAYMENT ARE DUE BY MAY 14th.  I am encouraging parents to join as chaperones on the Camp Kulaqua trip! 
Please let me know if you have any questions.
“If you have integrity, nothing else matters.  If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” – Alan Simpson

Week of April 26th

Congratulations and Shout Outs to:
AR Stars!
75%-  Molly, Paisley
50%-  Miley, Caleb, Kendra
25%-  Katie, Ryan, Ethan, Sicily, Clairy-Ann, Samuel, Arys, Annie 
Study Island Blue Ribbons!
Top Ribbon Earners:
82-  Arys
84-  Paisley, Molly
85-  Kaylei 
97-  Samuel !!!!!!!
The goal is 106 total by May 25th.
Completed 3rd grade skills and now conquering 4th grade skills:
Molly, Annie, Samuel, Paisley, Kaylei 
Oh So Very Close to 100% complete: Miley, Caleb, Kendra
89%-  Asher
87%- Clairy-Ann
86%- Ethan
82%- Arys
Early Dismissal this Wed., 4/28, 12:45pm
FSA Math- May 12-13
Food Drive continues through May 14th
Reading- point of view, prepositions, Study Island -Taking Notes
Math- area, perimeter, composite figures, a lot of review!
Social Studies- finishing biographies, Study Island-Cultural Characteristics and Regions 
Science- force and motion assessment, Study Island -Post Test
"It is not about being perfect, or expecting perfection.  It is about showing up, bringing your " A " game, and challenging yourself to be your best." 

Week of April 19th

Wheeewwwww...the 1st round of the FSA is finished! The entire class was wonderful in their effort and focus.  We had 2 different proctors during the tests.  Each one complimented the class on their behavior and their great concentration!      The results will take a few weeks to be processed.  The tests are scored off site so, Belmont is not in control of the results timeline. 
Reading/ELA: review of all skills, prepping for 4th; Study Island-maps, charts, and photographs (text features)
Math: area and perimeter; review of all previous 3rd grade skills; Study Island- represent and interpret data 
Science: force and motion
Social Studies: biography research
AR- 12 points total by Friday ; 85% test average
Reading every night, ready to test the next morning!
Fri., April 23rd- progress reports 
Wed., April 28th-early release day 
Mid May- FSA Math- round  2 of top secret missions- this time with a test treat added in!
We are almost to the finish line of 3rd grade. Please keep reading with your child, encouraging them to read independently, and checking their homework!
"True education does not exist in the acquiring of facts but in the development of true character."  DMcKay

Week of April 5th

     This week we will be celebrating the students that achieved their AR goal ,  Honor Roll, highest AR points, highest  number of ALEKS skills mastered, and highest number of blue ribbons in Study Island.   Also, each teacher has nominated a student for the Principal's Award to recognize character and effort.  
              3rd grade awards will be Friday, April 9th, 8:45-9:15 
     FSA for ELA will be April 14th and 15th...please remember your secret mission to be turned in by Friday, April 9th!
     Focus this week:
Reading: FSA practice, adverbs, problem and solution, rereading
6 points total in AR by Friday the 9th
Study Island- Pronouns
Math: measurement in inches, nearest 1/2 or 1/4 inch, daily FSA practice
Study Island- Perimeter
Social Studies- famous Hispanic, Native American and Asian American contributors to American culture
Science- force and motion
Study Island- Stars
     Our field trip is scheduled for May 18th, plans are still being finalized.  The field trip will be coming to Belmont!  You will be receiving information as soon as we have everything confirmed. 
     Please keep up all your work in reading, reviewing and encouraging your child.  Your support makes all the difference !

Week of March 29th

     Spring is in the air!  We are beginning the final 9 weeks of this school year.  We have so much to look forward to and much, much more to learn! Take a deep breath, hold on, and let's push forward with all our might to the end. 
      *AR STARS that met or exceeded their goal for the 3rd nine weeks*
Paisley, Kendra, Ethan, Katie, Molly, Arys, Caleb, Annie, Samuel, Miley, Annie and Asher 
                                 *HONOR ROLL EXEMPLARS!*
     All A's- Molly, Caleb, Paisley
          A/B- Annie, Samuel, Miley, Kaylei, Kendra 
     Note: Early Dismissal on Wed., 3/31 @ 12:45
               Report Cards will be sent home digitally and hard copy on 3/31
               Fri., 4/2...Holiday... no school
Reading/ELA:  We will be reviewing multiple skills in prep. for the FSA test. We will have spelling and vocabulary quizzes on Thursday.  All cold read practices will be due on writing component this week. 
Study Island- Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences
Math: Graphs including bar graphs and line plots ; using data from graphs; multiplication quiz daily ;  multiple skills review to prep for the FSA; daily math homework 
Study Island- Measure Volume and Mass
Science: Force and Motion- we will need a few  empty tp cardboard rolls or paper towel rolls for experiments please and thank you!  We will be continuing our study of force and motion.
Social Studies: Biography research of famous Asian and Native Americans
( completed in class); Study Island- Historical Inquiry and Analysis 
SHHHHHHHHHH.... you will be receiving a large manila envelope this week with directions inside. This is something special that all of you can share with your child during the FSA days.  Please return the envelope with your surprise for your child no later than Friday, April 9th!  Once you read the directions, let me know if you have questions.   Thank you!

 “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”

– Clay P. Bedford


Week of March 15th- Last Week of the 3rd Quarter!

     Happy St, Patrick's Day... a bit early !  Wednesday, the 17th, is the official day and YES we can all wear GREEN and NO there will not be any pinching!
We will all be celebrating the Greenest Day of the year with Valente' leading the way.  ( Clothes must be school appropriate and no dyed hair or face paint.)
     Friday, the 19th will mark the end of the 3rd quarter.  The 25 point AR goal with a test average of 85% or higher  must be reached by 2:45 on Friday in order to join in the AR celebration after spring break.  Keep reading!
     Focus Skills:
Reading- adjectives, theme, writing to respond to a prompt, pronoun and verb agreement, Study Island- Adjectives and Adverbs
Math- elapsed time ,multiplication, measurement, Study Island-Time Intervals
Science- force and motion...Did you hear about the balloons, pennies and hex nuts?  Or the hair dryer and ping pong ball?
Social Studies- cultural contribution to the USA from other countries
We are practicing for the FSA!  You will see packets coming home without a grade for ELA/Reading and Math.  Those packets are samples of items that will be tested on both tests. The idea is to practice a bit at a time and get familiar with the actual "look"of the test items. 
Let's make the most of this week before break then enjoy break to its fullest! Sunshine, fresh air, planting, biking, swimming, running,picnics and anything we can jam in to live life to the fullest :)
"Do more things with your family that make you forget to check your phone. Your time. not your money, will be the memories that stand out for your child."

Week of March 8th

     Thank you to all that participated and helped others at STEM Night.  We had an Ooblecky time and everyone loved it!  The students who volunteered received 10 Dojo points and 10 points for their House.  Way to show that Belmont school spirit!
     Two weeks until the end of the 3rd quarter and the beginning of spring break. Two weeks to meet AR goals, raise the percentages in ALEKS and master skills in Study Island.  We are pushing toward the finish line of 3rd grade ...keep up the great  effort !
     Focus Skills :
Reading- cause and effect, homophones, context clues, pronouns, AR 24 points by Friday with an 85%  or higher test average, Study Island-Using Words for Effect
Math- measurement, time, multiplication, multi-step word problems,ALEKS, Study Island-Comparing Fractions
Science-force and motion; Forms of Energy 
Social Studies-cultural contributions in the United States 
     Mom and Son Night- Take Me Out to the Ballgame- Friday, March 12th ! See the school site for details.
     "Talk to your children about integrity.  Integrity in work, friendships, games, and life.  Integrity will take you far beyond talents. Integrity cannot be taken from you.  Integrity is at the root of every true success. Integrity is peace to the soul and heart.  Talk to your children." The Mom Collective

Week of March 1st

              STEM NIGHT- this Friday, March 5th, 6:00-7:30 pm
We hope everyone can join in the fun and learning:) Students will get to experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics hands-on. Students will be teaching students!   Please sign your child up for a time to teach on
     Thank you for all the pictures from the Daddy/Daughter Dance!  The class has loved seeing them.  Mom/Son Date Night is coming up soon ,March 12th! Please send pictures ( email or Dojo) from that event to share with our class.
Reading: Context Clues, Re-reading for accuracy, Reading, Reading, Reading and more Reading!  21 AR points by Friday, the 5th; Study Island-Reference Materials
Math: Fractions -chapter test on Tues., measurement and capacity ;Study Island-Fractions
Social Studies: state research; Study Island-Countries of North America and Caribbean
Science:  finishing our STEM project ; prepping STEM board; practicing our experiment 
     AR STARS:  Keep up the great reading!
100% -  Molly, Paisley
75%-     Ethan, Katie, Kaylei, Samuel, Miley, Annie
50%-     Asher, Graham, Arys, Caleb, Clairy-Ann
25%-     Ryan
     SHOUT OUT FOR STUDY ISLAND: Excellence is Evident!
60 blue ribbons ! Paisley, Caleb, Kaylei, Molly, Arys, Samuel, Annie, Asher
50 blue ribbons!  Kendra, Clairy-Ann, Sicily, Ethan, Ryan, Katie
     ALEKS:  Awesome Mathematicians! 
75% or higher -mastered 3rd grade skills- Miley, Kendra, Kaylei, Clairy-Ann, Annie, Molly, Caleb, Paisley
50% -74%- Peyton, Ethan, Ryan, Katie, Asher, Arys, Samuel 
     Reminder:  Open Enrollment  for Belmont ,2021-2022 school year, continues through this week.  Please share the information with your family and friends.
"If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little things.  Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude."                                                             CPowell

Week of February 22nd

        PROGRESS REPORTS WILL BE SENT HOME MONDAY, FEBRUARY, 22nd!  Please sign and return the report by Wednesday, February 24th.  
     Pictures please!  If you have pictures that you would like for your child to share with our class please send them in!  Daddy/Daughter Dance, sporting events, trips, special events...the pictures continue to help build community within our class and they're fun to see!
Reading: pronoun/verb agreement, re-reading and text evidence, context clues 
AR points should be at least 18 /85% average by Friday; Study Island assignment
Math: fractions on a number line, equivalent fractions, multiplication/division quizzes, ALEKS, Study Island assignment
Social Studies:  State research project...this will all be worked on in class. Each student will choose a state to research and present to the class; Study Island assignment 
Science: Scientific Method 
Just a word on homework...helping your child understand a question or a math problem is wonderful; checking over their work and having them correct mistakes is phenomenal, holding them responsible for completion is them answers, aka cheating, is not acceptable. 
     *Individual and class pictures are this week:)
Thank you for being diligent in reading with your child.  Time invested daily in reading aloud to your child or having them read aloud to you is an invaluable tool in building reading skills. Questions about the stories, characters, all the "why's"lead to strategic thinking.  15-20 minutes a day of reading with you can change the trajectory of your child's success. 
Multiple children at multiple levels in the family?  Choose a chapter book that can be read aloud to the entire family!
“I find television very educating.  Every time somebody turns it on , I go into the other room and read a book.” – Groucho Marx  :))))

Week of February 15th

     Thank you to all of you that sent in treats, goodie bags and Valentine cards with your children for our class.  They were all so excited and joy filled to be able to share with one another.  One of the students said, "It's like Christmas in here!"   
*AR Shout Outs:
100%- Paisley
50%-   Ethan, Caleb, Katie, Molly, Arys, Samuel, Katie, Miley, Annie
25%-   Clairy-Ann, Ryan, Graham
I am so proud of their example of independence and effort to become stronger readers.  They love ringing the  cow bell and moving their picture up the AR board to celebrate their accomplishments.
*Hoorahs and Hoorays for the Multiplication and Division Masters:
All multiplication mastered : Paisley, Asher, Kendra, Sicily, Ethan, Caleb, Katie, Kaylei, Molly, Arys, Samuel, Miley, Clairy-Ann, Annie
All division mastered:  Molly, Caleb, Kaylei, Paisley, Kendra, Miley
Molly has conquered all 3rd grade skills in ALEKS.  There are several others who are sooooooooo close to finishing the 3rd grade skills.  Keep up the fantastic work!
Study Island Super Stars:  
60 ribbons or more:  Asher, Annie, Samuel, Arys, Molly, Kaylei, Caleb, Paisley
40 -59 ribbons: Kendra, Clairy-Ann, Sicily, Katie, Ryan, Ethan, Miley, Graham 
FOCUS for the Week:
Reading: AR (15 points/85% or higher) by Friday; summarizing, point of view, 3 paragraph written response
Math: multiplication/division challenge; fractions, ALEKS
Science: scientific method -know the steps!
Social Studies: being a good citizen by knowing and practicing the 3 R's
Our class is an amazing group of learners, friends, and future leaders!  They love to help everyone, are excited to conquer new skills, and cheer for each other as they succeed.  We have authors, mathematicians, scientists, philanthropists, chefs, engineers, artists, farmers, designers, our midst every day, ready to become world changers as they grow and learn!  
"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child...there are seven million!  " WStreightiff

Week of February 8th

     The Red Carpet Awards were an exciting and encouraging happening!  All of the students were cheering, applauding and enjoying celebrating those who earned awards.  The fanfare was incentive to everyone to meet their goals, study with an attitude of excellence and give a 100% effort !
     Eyes on the goal of learning every day, earning promotion to 4th grade and conquering the FSA.  Speaking of the FSA...(Florida State Assessment) is scheduled - Reading/ELA , April 5-16 , and Math ,May 3-14.  Each assessment will be a 2 day , 80 minutes per session event.  Reading must be passed with level 3 or higher in order to advance to 4th grade.  This is a state requirement.
*Reading- point of view, summarizing, pronouns, compound words
**Math-properties of multiplication and division, multiplication fact practice(daily quiz), word problems
***Social Studies- being a good citizen; reduce, reuse, recycle
****Science- scientific method 
Please review your child's homework with them, including the cold read practice.  If there is something that is unclear to your child and/or you have your child bring it to school and I will go over it with them .  Math homework is due 1st thing every morning and the cold read practice is due Friday morning.    There is a direct connection between academic success and AR, homework completion, Study Island and ALEKS mastery.  Expect excellence and it will be achieved.
This Friday, the 12th is our Valentine's sharing day.  If you would like for your child to bring cards to share it would be wonderful!  We have cookies and juice for the treats but....if you would like to send wrapped candy or mini cupcakes the class would certainly enjoy it!
Thank you for all that you do for your child's are appreciated!
"It is only through raising expectations and striving for excellence that our children can reach their full potential."  BHenry

Hello February!

                                        Welcome February !     
      Literacy Week was a fantastic success!  The students created book covers and writings to persuade readers to choose their advertised favorite book.  They chose and wrote about a notable American and took part in a time line that is displayed in the main hall.  Oh...and the literacy parade...what fun!  Costumes, creativity and "walking books" that we all need to read:)
                                          Focus for the Week:
* Metaphors, Poetry, Response Writing, Theme...9 total AR points by Friday, 85% or higher test average; read every day at home, test every day at school
*Distributive Property -"breaking apart" a factor to make it easier to multiply larger numbers...multiplication and division quiz daily ; homework page daily
*Continued study of notable Americans
*Continued study of changes in the state of matter
*Study Island- 3 blue ribbons at 70% or higher on assigned topics by Friday
     We are headed toward the FSA coming up in April and May.  Reading will be first.  What can you do at home to help your child prep for the test?
DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE TEST! :))))))  Strange, but true...we are learning to learn , not learning to test.  That being said, read every day with your child , read aloud, take turns reading, discuss the books,read, read, read. 
Check their math homework, guide them into correcting any mistakes.  
       Thank you for all that you do to support, encourage and challenge your child to excel. Your positive words , hugs, smiles and time are like fresh air and breathing to your child's learning.
      Please let me know by Dojo, phone call or email should you have any questions or concerns. 
"Don't educate your children so that they can become rich.  Educate them to be happy, so that they know the value of people and things, not the price."