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What is a School Counselor?

What is a School Counselor?


A school counselor is a resource for students, parents, and educators.  The school counselor’s main role is to assist students with academic, career, and personal/social development through large group, small group, and individual guidance and counseling.  The comprehensive guidance plan provides guidelines for the school counselor and specific frameworks established by the Florida Department of Education. You can access Belmont Academy’s Comprehensive Guidance Plan by clicking on the document below.


The school counselor assists students with academic development by teaching study techniques, test anxiety management.  The focus of career development is career awareness, career planning, career skills, and post-secondary plans.  Personal/social development is learning how to interact with others, individually and in a group, learning soft skills for career success, and crisis counseling.


Who is your school counselor?


Your school counselor is Leslie Ann Munden.  She is ready to help you and your child as he/she moves onto the next step on his/her career pathway.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with her, please email her at leslie.munden@belmontacademy.com or call her at (386) 401-1803.  To learn more about Mrs. Munden, please visit Mrs. Munden's Biography page ​​​​​​​