Leslie Ann Munden » Biography


Academic Credentials
Bachelor of Science in Christian Education, Lee University, Cleveland, TN
Master of Counselor Education, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Specialist in Counselor Education, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Guidance and School Counseling / (PreKindergarten – Grade 12)
Mrs. Munden’s Career Pathway
Mrs. Munden began her career pathway sitting at her grandmother’s desk playing school. As she approached high school and learned of more careers her pathway went in many different directions; 9th grade she wanted to be a contractor and 10th grade a pediatrician. During her 11th and 12th grade year she did not focus on a career but rather the university where she wanted to go to, Lee University in Cleveland, TN--she just wanted to be in the mountains. She attended her local community college earning her associates degree, then transferred to Lee University. After 2 years at Lee University, Mrs. Munden earned her bachelor’s degree and returned to Florida where she worked as teacher and administrator at a private school. The school closed and she went to an out of field job. While in this job, she realized she wanted to return to her childhood dream career, education, and applied to the University of Florida for the School Counseling program. She was accepted and graduated 2 years later with her master’s and specialist degree. Mrs. Munden was blessed to work at her alma mater, North Marion High School, helping students determine their career pathway. While working at North Marion High School, she developed a passion for career and technical education and realized that the purpose of education is career development. She was able to go to work at Marion Technical College where she served as the career pathways guidance counselor for GED students. She and her husband moved to North Florida and she is honored to serve the community of Belmont Academy as their guidance counselor.